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User Info: pocchama1996

7 years ago#1
but Iwata said they started work on 3ds about the same time the ds launched and their always saying that their always working on hardware so by that information the next home console is half a year to a year away.

NES-Late 1985

5 year spans between systems so im expecting it next year
"fullmetalyanl with a Y fullmetalYanal idiot."

User Info: AnimaRequiem

7 years ago#2
Yeah we've all come to the same conclusion.

User Info: trenken

7 years ago#3
Its known that the industry is on a different cycle. By that logic we should have a new xbox by now, but there isnt one anywhere in sight, its probably at least 2 years away.

This 5 year cycle thing has changed, and nintendo, sony and ms have all acknowledged it. Nintendo said there is no need for a new machine right now. Ill bet we're looking at 2012-2013. Somewhere around there.
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