You know what game is practially made for 3D?

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User Info: summerclaw

7 years ago#1
2D Sonic games like Sonic Rush!!.

I remember those games always having some kind of graphical gimmick on every stage that made you say whoah! and also 2d Sonic games used to be in layers, perfect for 3D.
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User Info: AnimaRequiem

7 years ago#2
Lots of 2D games used scrolling layers, Sonic would be cool but I would prefer a Castlevania styled 3D game.

User Info: BKXD

7 years ago#3
If I wanted a Sonic game for the 3DS, it'd have to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. That was the last good Sonic game, much better that those 2Ds.
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User Info: Sonic_Brawler

7 years ago#4
Hm, I came in here expecting some Jurassic Park...
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User Info: D Nyce

D Nyce
7 years ago#5
I was expecting a top down view mech shooter.

User Info: kilafer

7 years ago#6
I was expecting a game like Eternal Darkness myself.
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User Info: pocchama1996

7 years ago#7
i was expecting jackass the game i mean who doesnt want male private parts flying at your face in 3d
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  3. You know what game is practially made for 3D?

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