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User Info: abigexplosion

7 years ago#11
^^^^ Play X or GX, you'll see. The gba games weren't bad, but it was incapable of really giving the console experiences.

Anyway, I'd like to see either a new F-Zero on 3DS, or a port of that F-Zero X expansion with the track editor. (was only released in Japan)

Now, in case I didn't look enough like an F-Zero fan boy, FALCON PAWNCH!
Not changing this signature until a new F-Zero is announced. *started 6/18/10*
F-Zero > Mario Kart. If you disagree, it's because you're bad at F-Zero.

User Info: InvadersMustDie

7 years ago#12
I looked at the gba games like they were sequels to the SNES game. I thought they were good and I enjoyed them when they were new. Messy system link with 3 other people was awesome.

User Info: UltimateJoseph

7 years ago#13
I've read about the black flashing from the first F-Zero being removed from the Virtual console release.

User Info: Sarria22

7 years ago#14
Hell yes, gimme a 3D F-Zero game.

Also give me a game starring Captain Falcon in his bounty hunter role, in a side scrolling beat-em-up game.. because that would rule.
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User Info: helldew

7 years ago#15
Can someone explain why everyone loves F-Zero? The only F-Zero game I've ever owned or played was the first one that came out on GBA(was there 2?). It was very plain and boring too be honest. No interesting track designs, no vehicle combat. I know it isn't mario kart, but am I missing something?

GX and X are entirely different games then the GBA ones. i personally sold the GBA one (MV). i did buy GP legends later which i enjoyed a whole lot more. That said though GX and X are freaking godly. the game play is realyl fast paced the sense of speed is unmatched to this day (although wipe out came close but its still not as good ) the music is realyl good the track design and grapics on GX are stellar the story mode was pretty fun the amount of content to unlock was literally enough to last you a year and most of all. it required skills. its hard as @#$# which attracts people to it. GX also doesn't have much in terms of rubberbanding AI out side of a couple missions making it one of the fastest and most fair racing games IMO

go buy a copy of GX if you have a wii or GC its like 10 bucks and its really easy to find. really great game.

User Info: WonkyKong

7 years ago#16
Make it happen.
Get me the biggest bird feeder you have.
No, thats too big.

User Info: celticsage

7 years ago#17
First Wii then 3DS!
It's good to be king...unless Mario's chasing you

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