November 21st 2010 $249.99

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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#61
Please do not put words in my mouth. All it will do is make you look like a complete assclown. Thanks.

I didn't put words in your mouth. You said, "if you disagree, you are either poor, or you need to get a job."

That can only be taken one way, unless you misspoke. It means, literally, "If you disagree with me, you MUST be poor or need to get a job." There's no room for misinterpretation there unless you misspoke... in which case, that's your own fault.

It's common sense that people have standards of what they are willing to pay for something. However, that standard comes from a variety of other variables. Your financial situation, your base needs, and what you need at this very moment, all come into account on what you are willing to spend, along with many other things.

Those "many other things" include personal principles and standards with respect to what you think something should be valued at, though. That has nothing to do with whether you can afford it, your financial situation, your base needs, or what you need at this very moment.

I can afford a $5000 3DS. That doesn't mean I'm paying for one. Likewise, I can afford a $300 3DS. I'm not paying for one, though. I am WILLING to pay $249.99, but I still disagree with you personally that it's a reasonable price.

So as you can see, I disagree with you, but it has nothing to do with being poor or needing to get a job. So did you misspeak? Or are you just contradicting yourself and backpedaling in an effort to be an internet tough guy and not lose face? Your words are there for all to see.

User Info: tYRE_602

7 years ago#62
The PSP2 will retail for a price of only.... THREE-HUNDRED NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS.

User Info: GAMER_X

7 years ago#63
Nintendo hasnt released a price because they wanted to show it, then gauge the publics reactions. And the majority of people are feeling that 199.99 is the sweet spot for the price of this system. So expect that to be the highest they go.

Though the wii is also 199.99, so they may have to sell it at a loss so the handheld isnt perceived as too expensive, since they could buy a full out console for that price.

I forsee a DSi XL price drop so the 3DS can be priced at 189.99.

Theyre selling both DSi's for way more then they are wroth, so they could afford to drop both quite a bit to create a bit of distance bewteen them and the 3DS so that the public will see that theres quite a gap in prices because the 3DS is much more advanced.

Its gonna be interesting to see how they manage the pricing in order to not sell the 3DS at a loss, while making a large enough gap between it and the DSi's without having to lower the DSi's retails too much
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User Info: Dark_Choas23

7 years ago#64
lol i was right all along!!

User Info: Hello10000

7 years ago#65

Basically around the $200 dollar range as Nintendo wants to sell the the handheld at a profit.

I know seems like spamming but just trying to get the word out.
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