Anybody wishing for a PSO remake/port?

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User Info: Nintend0_Ninja

7 years ago#11
I missed out on PSO so I would love a reboot of the game on any platform.

User Info: rdprince

7 years ago#12
There's nothing I'd rather have than PSO for the 3DS. It would be great for online or just a time killer solo. The bottom screen could have maps/inventory/mag feeding menus. I don't expect it to happen, but if it did, it would probably almost never leave my system.

Also, PS0 tried but the graphics didn't cut it (not to mention the cowboys in space characters). That game was frustrating as hell for me with no analog stick. I thought PS:P was good and the sequel looks better, but no matter how many PSO weapons they stick in PSU-style gameplay, it's still not PSO.
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User Info: d0wner

7 years ago#13
I don't expect it to happen, but if it did..

I thought the same thing about the original DS, and a couple years later we got a direct sequel to PSO. It may have fallen a bit short, but more importantly it happened, and could very well happen again.

Just no PSU/P spin-off please, those games make me sad.
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User Info: LostEntity

7 years ago#14
I would want PSO on the 3DS. Not a remake or port, but a brand new one. Since there's PSZ for the NDS and the 3DS carts are capable of holding more data, I don't see why not.

User Info: t 002 Tyrant

t 002 Tyrant
7 years ago#15
Aye... A remake/port of PSO (sans the "Team" system and related rubbish) on 3Ds would pretty much sell me on the system immediately...

I'd PREFER a PSO2 though... Not Ep. 2... An entirely new game that actually managest to incorporate and/or evolve all of the things PSO did well and create as amazing an atmosphere as the original managed.
None of this PSU rubbish. A true, worthy successor to PSO...
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  3. Anybody wishing for a PSO remake/port?

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