Your price estimates may be wrong...

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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#71
I'm sure everyone realizes that it will cost whatever it costs whether they want it to or not.

User Info: Virobot

7 years ago#72
I'm going to be getting one. As a former Wii owner and a PS3/PSP owner, I'm expecting a $199.99 price tag, that would seem very reasonable. C'mon you numbskulls, it's 3D with NO GLASSES. You thought it'd be cheap? LOL!!!
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User Info: snowman_5

7 years ago#73
somewhere in between DSi and Wii

User Info: teh1337gosu

7 years ago#74
DS launched in NA at $199 in 2004, I`m expecting a $229 launch logically.

It`s such an attractive number, because $229 seems a LOT closer to $200 than $250, because of the 2s. It`ll probably cost Nintendo $200 to make each system, so making $30 per system is decent, anyway down the years the system will be cheaper to make and they`ll profit from it.
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  3. Your price estimates may be wrong...

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