Reggie Fils-Aime : launch in March 31, 2011

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User Info: nonexistinghero

7 years ago#31
Japan and the US will have the 3DS by the end of this year for sure. Europe isn't certain. Could be like the DS, where we have to wait a few months, but it seems rumours are pointing out towards a holiday release for Europe as well.
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User Info: king_wallace

7 years ago#32
November 21st would follow their current trend of console releases well, in addition to being the six (I think) year anniversary of the DS. There's a topic where someone points out probable release dates for the 3DS based on various factors.

I'm pretty confident that we'll be seeing this before the end of November as well, but that's assuming release isn't delayed by any major redesigns.
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User Info: LawnNinja

7 years ago#33
Here's what I posted in one of those other topics. It's probably more relevant here.

Personally, I'd put my money on a holiday release in the North American market, because of three reasons:

1) There were hundreds of systems on display at E3. This suggests that the 3DS hardware has been finalized (or damn near finalized) and production is underway. I

2) Nintendo's last two major hardware platforms, DS and Wii, were both officially debuted at E3 and then released that same holiday season. It makes no sense to debut a hot new gadget AFTER everyone has spent their holiday budget, so it stands to reason that the 3DS will follow the same release pattern as its predecessors.

3) The DS/DSi line was still selling briskly up until the announcement of 3DS at E3. Nintendo isn't stupid, and they no doubt predicted that the buzz over their new handheld would be poison to their current line. Nintendo would not have willingly killed off the sales of their most profitable product if they weren't ready to recoup the loss soon thereafter.

I think the third point is really the one that makes me believe a holiday release is inevitable. If the 3DS wasn't ready for a 2010 release, we'd have only gotten a minor teaser at E3, probably a prototype system on display, but not running any software (so as to generate interest, but not fuel consumer fire). That way they'd still be able to push the DSi... right now, anyone who would have bought a DSi is sandbagging their money for the 3DS instead.

To me, all these details say two things: that despite the 3DS hype, Nintendo is nonetheless trying to squeeze its last few dollars out the DS line by being tight-lipped about a release date (which incidentally fuels BOTH the "early release" and "later release" theories), and that the 3DS will launch in Japan and North America by November 21st 2010 (the anniversary of the original DS launch). The U.K. and Australia may have to wait longer (hence Reggie's "BY March 2011" remark), but I fully expect to have a 3DS in my hands by this Christmas.
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User Info: thedemonater

7 years ago#34
Maybe the release of the 3DS will boost DSLight/i sales i mean they might get a price drop or something. You know they might also try to send it off in style by making all these bundles or something or buy 2 Dsis get a lite half off.

User Info: Vlugge_Japie

7 years ago#35
I think that it would be an extremely wise move to launch the system this Christmas season in all territories since it would blow off Move and Kineckt
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