I've got mixed feelings about the power of this thing.

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  3. I've got mixed feelings about the power of this thing.

User Info: MetroidJunkie

7 years ago#11
Given the depth of scale, I would still say it looks as good as a standard fare Gamecube title. There's a huge difference between what a system is capable of and what the majority look like. If anything, the run of the mill Wii game looks worse than a similar fare Gamecube game because of the abundance of Ps2-Sub Ps2 hacks on the system.

User Info: Zerokku

7 years ago#12
If you look at the capabilities of the graphics card that was leaked, in terms of actual power its not quite on the GC/Wii level, but it has all kinds of modern effects that are frankly more important than how many polys it can push.

User Info: Satarack

7 years ago#13

From: crazybot | #009
I just don't see kid Icarus having the graphics of GC/Wii. The graphics have that jagged look to them. Nowhere near the smoothness of a game on GC/Wii. Pit looks nowhere near his smash bros character IMO. I keep coming back to that term smoothness. Kid Icarus just doesn't have it. Some of the other demos do, so I'm not sure why Icarus looks the way it does. Maybe the nature of what the game is trying to push. Being a fast paced game with shooting elements. But as good as it does look, I don't understand people who think this is what GC/Wii is capable of. Kid Icarus would look alot better on the consoles.

Remember, all those videos out there are blown up from a video rendered for a lower resolution. That means that a single pixel on the 3DS is being represented by several pixels on your monitor, which means that the jaggedness has been magnified. If you watch the trailer in it's native resolution, it looks much better:

Would the 3DS be too classy to take to the toilet?

User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#14
It's a handheld.

If we get anything even APPROACHING what the RE trailer looks like (yes I know it was real-time and in-engine, but it as three character models in a completely dark room save for a single, lone light source - so no, until we see real gameplay we do not know for certain that the game will look that good in reality,) I will be MORE than satisfied.

User Info: MetroidJunkie

7 years ago#15
I agree about the resolution thing, I saw it on my phone (Resolution is 400x240, same as the 3DS will have) and I hardly even notice jaggies.
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  3. I've got mixed feelings about the power of this thing.

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