3D a gimmick?

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User Info: kenio8187

7 years ago#1
I'm hearing this a lot, that 3D is a gimmick. I kind of disagree, to me, that's like saying colours are a gimmick since they both enhance the visual experience of the game. If 3D gets perfected, or made where anyone at any angle could see the 3D, and it can be used on more than just a handheld, then 3D would be awesome.

PS. I''m hoping the next variation of the 3DS will have it be a 3D that everyone around can see, instead of only the person being at the sweet spot being able to see the 3D.
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User Info: pocchama1996

7 years ago#2
finally someone who isnt an idiot
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User Info: mallbee

7 years ago#3
it would be great
but i dont think its gonna be possible for the 3D to be seen from all angles for a while
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User Info: Shibuto

7 years ago#4
Its not a gimmick...a gimmick would've been better used when the DS came out in it that it has a touch screen and some games relied on it. This 3D screen is the future of 3DTVs...heh if you think about it 3DTVs started to come like when? Beginning of this year? And yet Nintendo perfected the 3D screen by taking down the use of "3D glasses" so much for technology eh Sony?

User Info: grans

7 years ago#5
For games, it has been a big hit according to those who have experienced the tech. It actually ENHANCES the gameplay according to impressions. Like, a platform game now gives much better depth perception and makes it feel more natural when judging distances between platforms.

So i wouldn't say it's a gimmick at all. I don't think 3D in itself is a gimmick in any form, but it's even less one here. It's probably about as much of a gimmick as eye glasses. :P
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