3DS Colors

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User Info: Brooks3000

7 years ago#11
I love the purple and orange...but its unlikely we'll see those colors for a while. Hell were lucky if we see them at all! Here's previous examples of colored consoles that had vairous colors at E3

Prototype PS3 in Black, White, and Silver during E3 2005. White PS3 came out 2 years after the launch. We still have yet to see silver...

(I remember seeing a blue wii while i was at E3 2006, but i cant find any pics online)
Prototype Wii in White, Black, and Sky blue during E3 2006. The black wii only came out about 6 months ago and were 4 years into its lifecycle. And that nice sky blue wii...keep dreaming
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User Info: Asterdash

7 years ago#12
I think its interesting to consider the top part is standard black for all colors for 3D effects so some colors may just look bad with that guaranteed black. Red and black go together so thats my favorite. Silver if it comes would look kick-ass with the black top as well as white.
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User Info: Spiffy247

7 years ago#13
I want the purple, or red.
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User Info: RetroReset

7 years ago#14
I would love it if they released all of those colors, it would be like a throw-back to the Gameboy Color days. Speaking of that, who else would like to see a return of the transparent casings? I know I would.
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User Info: TheFantasticMrS

7 years ago#15
^^^Gameboy color debuted with purple and clear purple.
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User Info: Kira813

7 years ago#16
I would love to see them launch the purple or the red, but sadly I don't think that will happen.
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