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User Info: grans

7 years ago#31

From: FirePaperMario | #029

Illegal? No. Against the Gamefaqs ruleset? Kind of. But the topic is still here, and so are all the messages, so...
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: SragentThom

7 years ago#32

From: pocchama1996 | #030
so is what me and your mom did last night

What is this I don't even....

User Info: Secret_starfall

7 years ago#33
Well GBA is actually possible on DSi. I seen it on youtube, it's one of those hack people called Supercard DS2 . Idk what it really is so google it.

And even at that, looking at the 3DS is pretty obvious it can play GBA and N64...

3DS actually can render 2x as fast as PSP. So the renders can be alot smoother.
But I highly doubt this can run gamecube games, it doesn't have THAT much ram.

User Info: ForcefulBoot

7 years ago#34
"talking about this kind of stuff is illegal you know."

Talking about an illegal act in its self is not illegal, at least in america. Unless your talking about murdering some one or something major and started planing it out, that with evidence could be illegal, but I have yet to see any one get arrested for talking about emulators.
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User Info: omniryu

7 years ago#35
3DS VC, in 3D
PSN ID: Omniryu
PKMN FC: 1505 8611 4239

User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

7 years ago#36

From: brandon13 | #026
This system will be able to emulate SNES and anything below absolutely flawlessly, it will most likely be able to emulate N64 without any problems except for... the fact that the N64 controller had a lot more buttons

DS - N64

Y = B
B = A
Control stick = control stick
D-pad = C-buttons
L = L
R = R
X or Y = Z
Start = Start

If you're playing one of the few games that uses the d-pad rather than the control stick, the control stick just has to be changed to the c-buttons and the d-pad to the d-pad.

Nonononono. You can't have the C buttons on the D pad. they need to be used by your right hand. This would seriously gimp gameplay. Think about playing MM. try holding down the D-pad for your bow, holding L(Z) to lock onto an enemy, AND use the slider to strafe all in one hand. It can't be done reliably. L can't be L since most games used Z and not L. L needs to be Z by default with the option of mapping it to L IF a game needs it.

L = Z
R = R
Slider = Analog Stick
D-pad = D=pad

That leaves us 4 buttons and a touch screen to map 6 buttons.

The easiest solution would be to map all 6 buttons (AB c^v<>) to the touch screen and use the stylus to press them. However, you lose the ability to press 2 buttons at the same time. You'd also partially lose R button functionality since it'd be a bit awkward to hold R and use the touch screen at the same time.

Another solution would be to have abxy as the c^v<> buttons and make large, touch screen buttons for A and B that you would use with your right thumb. Think the first spiderman game for the DS. This seems the most reliable as you'd have complete functionality. However, you're going to leave a ton of fingerprints and smudges on that touch screen.

It'd be a lot easier with a second slider. -_-

User Info: grans

7 years ago#37

That GBA emulator does not require DSi, nor can it even access the faster processor in a DSi. It runs solely in DS mode, and is locked at the DS' normal frequency. The thing that's powering the bulk of the emulator is not actually the DS, but the card itself. DSTWO and iPlayer both have dedicated ARM processors clocked at around 400mhz held within the card. That actually stacks on top of the DS' processor. If you tried to run the same emulator on a normal DS card, it wouldn't even be able to run. DS in itself just isn't fast enough to handle that.

3DS on the other hand, has a strong likelyhood of being FAR faster than both the DS AND the iplayer/dstwo. The actual 3DS CPU hasn't been announced, but the GPU has. The GPU itself is said to be a lot more powerful than the PSP's or any of last gen's consoles in fact. And if that and the games are anything to go by, the system should be one hell of a beast in that regard. I really can't wait to learn about the 3DS' CPU and memory.

And again, at anyone who tries to say emulators are illegal- NO emulator is. There are no emulators that i am aware of that contain any sort of copyrighted code. Of course, some game companies have tried to sue emulator developers, but none have succeeded in changing factual laws. Anyone remember Bleemcast? PS1 emulator for Dreamcast. They were actually selling it too. Sony sued the developer twice and lost both times because there was nothing in the emulator that could be considered copyright infringement. The worst they managed to do to Bleemcast was make the developers go bankrupt due to legal fees. Emulators are never illegal. You might as well say Windows Notepad is illegal because you could potentially download a pirated book online and read it using notepad. Or call a VHS player illegal just because one could potentially copy movies to a blank tape and distribute them... I could say my steak knife is illegal because it can potentially be used to kill someone.

The only illegal things in regards to this are pirated roms and iso's. And those are your problem. It's totally legal to use your own backups with an emulator, and emulator authors don't support piracy FYI.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: grans

7 years ago#38

From: omniryu | #035
3DS VC, in 3D

This is actually happening in some form or another. There was a demo at E3 for a bunch of NES games and two SNES games being shown off in 3D. Reggie said they were real games and would be released. I suspect they're intending to test the waters for a 3DS VC...
NEVER judge a game you have not played.
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