im so excited for this, because the 3D is going to change the face of gaming

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  3. im so excited for this, because the 3D is going to change the face of gaming

User Info: xCha0s

7 years ago#1
whenver nintendo puts out a new fresh technology, they LOVE to experiment with it. something i know about nintendo after many years is theyre like mad scientists. they dont put out most of their experiments and put most of them in the backroom for later. nintendo may seem like theyre dying when you see one or two good mario or zelda games a year, but in reality in the backround theyre inventing the next new system which is super innovative. the 3D has been experimented with since luigis mansion if you read that article like most people on kotaku. this is classic nintendo. theyre already thinking about their next innovation after 3DS..and this thing has you excited. believe me in 5 years they have their next product to put out, thatll blow you away. you'll always love nintendo and you know it. this things gonna blow all other consoles out of the water, and nintendos going to experiment with all sorts of old games, breathing fresh life into such classics as yoshis island :)
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User Info: xCha0s

7 years ago#2
sony is interested in advancing technology, and nintendo is interested in innovating in the field of gaming. microsoft is rather newbie to the whole game, but they have a super wallet and are investing whatever it takes, and trying to gain as much experience in the field as possible. with these three forces combined, gaming will not die. gaming will live forever.
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User Info: xoftheuniverse

7 years ago#3
No captain planet reference?
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User Info: xCha0s

7 years ago#4
im not a troll, i'm trying to help you 3DS owners with your hype and not to drop expectations of nintendo...ever.
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User Info: MasterOtenko

7 years ago#5

im not a troll

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User Info: xCha0s

7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Boatboy6

7 years ago#7
3D isn't going to do much to gaming as a whole. Maybe handhelds, for obvious reasons, but not consoles, which need special 3D TVs, which also require glasses. The non-glasses approach will only work for handhelds for now because of that special angle that's required when the 3D is used in the 3DS way.
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User Info: travisfin

7 years ago#8
"Is going to blow console out of the water"
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User Info: RisingSun13

7 years ago#9
I am not all that impressed by t\the 3DS technology. Stereoscopic 3d games have been done before. It just another added feature to me, like the ipod finally getting a camera. I DS laid most of the foundation for innovation.
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User Info: KHRZ

7 years ago#10
Yeah my Nvidia GTX 260 can do 3D on most PC games... but no way I'm buying expensive screen and glasses
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  3. im so excited for this, because the 3D is going to change the face of gaming

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