Nintendo should go back to the Super Mario Land series on 3DS

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User Info: ZeldaMaster435

7 years ago#1
The SMB games are getting kind of stale to be honest. NSMB was very fun, but the Wii version, despite its design, just seemed kind of...lame, and offered nothing new. Two decent power ups, and clunky multiplayer. The bosses were a step down from the DS version, and the 2.5D graphics didn't really catch the eye either.

3D Mario just peaked with two 9.5-10 quality games in the last 3 years, so I'll give that series time to recover. But you know Nintendo is definitely going to release multiple 2D Mario gmes on this system in its lifespan and I think it is time to create a new, unique Mario game.

The SML games were short, and sweet. But nowadays, they can add collectibles, difficulty levels, 3D effects, multiple characters, and have way more levels. I preferred these games to the NES games because of the condensed level design, and unique locations, music, and bosses.

A new Mario game with no Bowser, fortresses, and boring, long worlds of the same theme would be awesome.

User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#2
Mario Land had Floaty controls plus the levels aren't that unique any more.
Mario Land 1 - Level 1 = Standard Mario Desert Theme
Mario Land 1 - Level 2 = Only Unique because of the Sub-Pop Level
Mario Land 1 - Level 3 = It's a Mario Cave it Easter Island heads
Mario Land 1 - Level 4 = Oh Kei, Fine China Theme with Sky-Pop is something not done in Mario. Wario does it though.
Mario Land 2 - Tree = Is just a Forest Level
Mario Land 2 - Micro = Is Giant Land with Ants
Mario Land 2 - Pumpkin = Well since then the theme has gone on to be used in Crow areas NSMB(also Ghost Houses but that's what the level was based on)
Mario Land 2 - Space = You know Super Mario Galaxy game used it to death right
Mario Land 2 - Turtle = Water level that was only unique because of the Sub and Whale level that don't seem so original now with SMB64 and ZeldaOOT.
Mario Land 2 - Mecha Mario = Well actually it is pretty unique to Mario, seemed more Sonic at the time
Mario Land 2 - Wario Castle = Standard Castle

User Info: K3wlness

7 years ago#3
There's a reason why SML was never that popular >.>

If they make a remake, it would be more like a new game!

User Info: Xavier_On_High

7 years ago#4
Never that popular? 18 million copies sold, and it's found it's way into a multitude of top 100 lists.

I'd love for it to be remade. It could use a control tweak, but apart from that, the gameplay was as perfect as a 2D Mario game can be.
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User Info: ZeldaMaster435

7 years ago#5
My point is the SML games were one sitting games(what all 2D platformers should be. I hate long 2D platformers.) with exciting music and environments. That's what Mario needs. NSMBW was incredibly boring. The fortress/castle formula is about as dry as it gets. A game in the style of SML2 would be awesome. Cohesive world like SMW, but the ability to choose any world in any order.

User Info: Kuhnert

7 years ago#6
New Super Mario Brothers for the DS is/was the top selling game this generation INCLUDING console games.

I really doubt, with something that worked so extremely well they're going to abandon it and go back to the Super Mario Land style of game-play.

User Info: abort_mission

7 years ago#7
i miss SML but i REALLY miss the superballs from SML. i wish theyd bring those back once instead of using fireballs every single time.
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#8
Here's what I want (probably not a popular idea, but screw it):

A long, traditional Mario game that draws on all of the level design and power up strengths of Mario's long, rich history. New power-ups, old power-ups, new enemies, and traditional enemies and levels. And when I say long, I don't just mean the requisite 8 worlds we usually get. The carts are going to support 2GB capacity initially, and I want a Mario game that takes full advantage of that. I want hundreds of levels, ending with crazy, experimental, insanely challenging level designs. All with beautiful 2D graphics, but designed from the ground up for the 3D effect.

In other words, the ultimate Mario sidescrolling platformer.

User Info: patz

7 years ago#9
I really want them to remake Super Mario Land 2.

User Info: yellowcometz

7 years ago#10
to be honest id rather see a new wario land game. the yellow guy doesn't get much love.
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