If Nintendo Can Revive Kid Icarus, Then I Want Them To Revive MOTHER/EarthBound

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User Info: nowshowjj

7 years ago#31
It'll never happen but I can dream. I don't need it to be in 3D but I would love to have EarthBound and a translated Mother 3.

User Info: KeijiKG

7 years ago#32
Trying to localize just the Magypsies in Mother 3 would give the NA team headaches.

Oh yeah, because Nintendo totally censored all the blood and alcohol references from Eternal Darkness and never had characters say "Damn" on Fire Emblem.

Also you TOTALLY know they weren't cool with Namco bringing a game with heavy religious references/allusions on the GameCube 6 years back.
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User Info: Vyers

7 years ago#33
It doesn't need reviving. It's over.

Might as well ask for Forrest Gump 2 while you're at it.
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User Info: grans

7 years ago#34
It's funny how when a game series is over, people complain that there aren't more games in the series. But when they make more, most of the same people proceed to bash it for milking the series.

To me, Mother is over. It's a spectacular trilogy of simplistic but charming RPG's that served its purpose- to be different and unique while providing a satisfying RPG experience with a charming and quirky story. There's a reason Nintendo doesn't localize the games though, two in fact. And both reasons are legit, one being your fault as gamers. They gave the series a chance in the US, but North American gamers basically spat in their face when it was released. Nintendo gave the series a legit chance back when they localized Mother 2 on the SNES. It was a financial failure though, no one bought it. They put their heart into the localization, bringing out all the stops and advertisement. They even made it worth purchasing the game with the awesome extra content in the box. People just ignored it. Can you blame Nintendo? The gamers have a huge part in the refusal to localize the series anymore. If i were Nintendo, i wouldn't try to put something on the market no one will buy either...

The other problem with localizing the series is of course, copyright. To be fair though, if a game series sold amazingly well in another region, they'd do everything in their power to get past the copyright issues and bring it to their beloved audience. But as i said, it didn't sell well. Gamers spat in their faces and squandered their one chance to see the series in the US. I blame all the people who didn't give it a chance.

But back to the main point- the series is over, and i generally hope they don't make another game in the franchise unless they can truly make it better than the previous games. I dislike when a franchise is milked and clearly the creator has a similar opinion since he doesn't want to make anymore. I'll take another only if the same amount of effort is put into the past games or greater. As it is, the series is at a perfect stopping point and doesn't NEED anymore games. It's at the ideal point for not becoming tired. Maybe in the future they can try again when they've truly come up with something, but not now. Give it a rest.
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User Info: DavCube

7 years ago#35
They can't release any of the Mother games without risking major lawsuits from several parties...


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