i need some help

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User Info: Sano_sky

7 years ago#21
sell stuff on ebay (get the stuff at good will)
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Waste O' Topic.

User Info: knucklessonic8

7 years ago#22
TC, email me at knucklessonic8@gmail.com.
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User Info: samimckee

7 years ago#23
Please stop. Your horrendous typing, grammar, and morals makes teenagers look bad. For the record, I'm also 14 years old, but I make a point not to look like a complete scatterbrain when on the internet.
So bad, not even Naruto would believe it.
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User Info: maaaatty

7 years ago#24
Prostitute yourselves.
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User Info: snowman_5

7 years ago#25
I'm 14 too, but i got a birthday in march so i figure ill get it for either my birthday or Christmas (depending on release date)

User Info: mrfatcat

7 years ago#26
Learn to be a soccer referee.

Really, there should be a course sometime in August, and it pays great! $20 for sidelining under 12 games, which last about a hour.
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It there a problem?
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