Claw method?

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User Info: SaidPerson

7 years ago#1
Ok so for all the old Monster Hunter players out there who played MH on the PSP how will the claw method help with the 3DS?! The analog stick is on top of the arrow pad. Really?! You want me to walk with my index finger and move the camera with my thumb? I think the analog stick should have been under the ABYX on the right side for amazing camera movement like its a real controller and good for FPS. Sony made the mistake with the PSP for putting it on the left side, now you will do the same Nintendo?

User Info: TheDarkNerd

7 years ago#2
If the analogue stick was underneath the ABXY, then you wouldn't have analogue movement.

Now, if there was a second analogue stick, that would be a different matter.

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#3
Well now I see why everyone wants another analog stick. I'm remembering now how bad the camera was sometimes in Mario 64. It'd be nice to have some decent camera control.

User Info: Multiboy2k

7 years ago#4
I thought about this too. And, you know what?
This machine is better for a couple of reasons , literally!

It has the benefit of a touchscreen.
It has the benefit of TWO screens.

Between the analogue pad, the directional buttons, AND the touchscreen, one could not only navigate the camera and fight at the same time, but could also still retain the visibilty of that beautiful 3D enabled TOP screen. The bottom touchscreen opens up new interface possiblities. And, even the built-in mic could be used to do some interesting in-game tricks. Not to mention the whole 3D thing when a big ass diablos is coming right at you in the desert and you are still trying to load ammo. lol

I greatly look forward to this series uniting with the new technology on this handheld.

"Your Focus Determines Your Reality."

User Info: shadowaid

7 years ago#5
"Between the analogue pad, the directional buttons, AND the touchscreen, one could not only navigate the camera and fight at the same time"
Yeah i can see it now you see rathian you draw your weapon with the R button. You then proceed to run towards him while using the touch pad to rotate the camera. You get ready to fight and WTF i cant use the ABXY buttons when i am using my left hand for the camera. You get carted off. 5 mins later you fail quest.
In Monster hunter the touch pad should be used for a quick and easy access bar for items and for the menu and the map.

User Info: SaidPerson

7 years ago#6
Lol yeah sometimes i press on the PSP screen thinking it is touch screen. Then i wish Sony would make a touch screen PSP :P
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