Nintendo is going to create such a good portable, theyre going to kill gaming

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User Info: pocchama1996

7 years ago#11
really i view nintendo as gamings savior if they just did the same thing 360 and ps3 did (good graphics update no real innovation) then gaming would die soon since all consoles would be exactly the same and we would see nothing but graphical improvements for future titles and really that would bore me
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#12

From: andylee999 | #004
Quality has already gone down. Zelda is getting progressively worse for an example.

Spirit Tracks was pretty much abysmal.

Have fun with your opinion.
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User Info: Diggerdude

7 years ago#13
There will be competition. Even if Sony decides to bail out and not make a PSP2, there's Apple. People can laugh at iPhone/Touch as not being "gaming platforms," but to many folk they are. There are some seriously good games for iPhone/Touch now, and tons more being made. As good as the DS library? Well, no. But different, and in some genres, better. For example, SHMUPs have become particularly awesome lately, and you'd be amazed how good the touch controls are for them.

Personally, I do think 3DS is going to be fantastic and has all the potential to become the next best handheld ever, and I plan to get one on launch day. But there will be competition.
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User Info: brnforce

7 years ago#14
pocchama1996: I hope you aren't referring to the Wii because that system might signal the end of the video game era. The increased percentage of casual gamers will push video gaming into more of the iPod minigame genre wait and see. (Unless the next generation of consoles pushes this kiddie stuff out of the way)

If you are talking about the 3ds then maybe. If it is implemented correctly, we could see a resurgence of new ideas and increased creativity over-all. Then again, this could be VirtualBoy reincarnate.

User Info: Vanor

7 years ago#15
What most people don't understand about Nintendo is that they have changed their business strategy and outlook entirely. The console wars are over. It's all about disruption now. Who can go after the low-end markets?

The DS wasn't made to "compete" with rivals but to instead compete against disinterest. Going after disinterested gamers and non-gamers was the purpose of the DS, and all its following iterations were meant to improve or lower barriers of entry to people that were interested in the DS but were put off by certain aspects (like the DSi XL which appealed to people that found the small size of the older DS models cramped and had trouble seeing out of the small screens, i.e. old people and people with vision problems).

Nintendo isn't going to kill gaming, they're simply riding the tidal wave of creative destruction that has been closing in on the game industry for sometime. They saw this wave coming and altered their company so that they could ride it out...while their competition is drowned out. Sony and Microsoft way no longer be in the game business in the next few years as things get worse in the economy. Remember, Sega was beginning to make a turnaround with the Dreamcast, but the missteps they made with the 32X/Sega CD and the Saturn were costly and eventually caught up with them, forcing them out of the console business. And right now the 360 and PS3 are turning out to be costly mistakes that will eventually catch up with both companies in just the same way. And given how things are accelerating right now, probably a lot sooner than it did for Sega.
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  3. Nintendo is going to create such a good portable, theyre going to kill gaming

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