Sega should make a portable system

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User Info: AceBandage_Jr

7 years ago#11
The environment can't handle another handheld that only gets an hour of playtime on 6 AA batteries.
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User Info: Kira813

7 years ago#12
^^^ Lol, so true. Man that sucked. Being only 7 trying to get my mom and dad to buy me batteries all the time was hell. I had to steal batteries from all the remotes just to play.
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User Info: Vin_LAURiA

7 years ago#13
My brother used to own a Game Gear.

Man, did that thing suck up some AAs. Six dead in two hours...
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User Info: Fierce_Deity777

7 years ago#14
I never owned one but i remember seeing people play it. it think they plugged it directly in the wall but for some reason i recall there being TONS of cords.
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User Info: cha_fan1

7 years ago#15
The Sega Nomad (portable Sega Genesis) was the same way with batteries. I remember saving up lunch money for months to pay for a battery pack so I could stop buying batteries for it.

If Sega were to release a console, they would need to ensure their games no longer released on other systems to build an install base, which they probably can't afford to do. That being said, I'd probably check it out if they made one.
I just don't think they have a title anymore that they can claim dominance of any sort with against the 3DS and PSP.
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User Info: kwanying

7 years ago#16
Sega needs to make better game.

User Info: gunstarz

7 years ago#17
I used to play with mine constantly plugged in, which kind of defeated the point.

Worth it for Sonic 2 though, that game was solid.
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