If you were a game developer for the 3DS, what would you create?

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User Info: omniryu

7 years ago#31
You know the term 'tag' on youtube. You know, someone tags you and the tag is a challenge? I want a game where you set a challenge by 'tagging' other people 3DS. Since the 3DS wi-fi is always on. I think it would be perfect. Go up to a person w/ a 3DS and yell tag. A chalkenge you made on your 3DS is transfer on theirs. If They beat it. They can make a challenge.
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#32
I'd create a pokemon-pet game. Like Nintendogs, but with pokemon.
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User Info: dillku

7 years ago#33
WarioWare 3D

User Info: ryno116

7 years ago#34
Viewtiful Joe 3-D
Like the other person said Kid Chameleon 2 :D
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D
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User Info: summerclaw

7 years ago#35
Jet Set Radio 3ds.
Grandia 3D

An original fighting game.
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User Info: GaroMaster001

7 years ago#36
Oooh Viewtiful Joe 3D would be nice. I hope they do it!


User Info: Chaingunmaster

7 years ago#37
Anything but shovelware.
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User Info: Vyers

7 years ago#38
Drill Dozer 2.

In glorious 2D, with shrapnel flying at you as you drill.
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User Info: Nitharad

7 years ago#39
Survival Kids 3D

User Info: NitemareNS

7 years ago#40
If I worked on a portable game, I would want to make one that uses the most of online features. Doesn't even matter what kind of game it is, I think a really simple FPS type gunplay would do the trick, SP only there to teach you how to play. You walk and shoot 4v4 on pretty small maps, the game changer would be the movement. I would want it to be an FPS but with movement that you can see in Vanquish, like Wanted / Matrix type stuff where you can press button combos and do crazy flips while you go in slow motion. You charge it up by hitting consecutive shots or something. The way the online works is it goes by area, first it searches within 100 ft, then 1000 ft, then 100,000 ft then 10 million feet or whatever and thats the bread and butter.

I can go more in depth but that was prolly tmi anyways... Man I have so many ideas that's just the tip of the iceberg I thought of that one while posting..... I've got some ideas for consoles that would be so amazing..
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  3. If you were a game developer for the 3DS, what would you create?

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