About the 3D effect

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User Info: ImGanondorfLol

7 years ago#11
If you look down at your touch screen then look back up at your top screen will you quickly be able to see in 3D?
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User Info: zurcn

7 years ago#12
Lenticular 3D:

This kind of technology gives a 3D effect using a filter that cuts out interlaced lines for your eyes. While this can be used in static images to give them animation, in screens it instead allows different images to be broacast to different points in space. Seeing as the 3DS will always have the player at a reasonably predictable distance from the screen, this could really work. The tech has to be perfect, though - otherwise you'll get ghosting
-end quote

it's either this tech or the other tech which has a very similar idea

the upper screen has 800 pixels width, but each eye only sees 400
as long as your head is in the proper area each eye will see the correct image so the effect should be instant

the question is, do you tilt your head to look at the lower screen? (is it a big tilt?) or do you just look down?
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User Info: Pinnacle1987

7 years ago#13
^It's actually a parallax barrier. It works in a similar way, though.
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