Possible to have a new Banjo Kazooie for 3DS?

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User Info: SuperZambezi

7 years ago#1
We all know that Microsoft owns Rare but Microsoft does not have a handheld of their own. We already saw Rare's Viva Pinata on the DS and would it be crazy to think there is a chance for Banjo Kazooie on the 3DS? What do you think?
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User Info: shadowninja100

7 years ago#2
I doubt it.
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User Info: CosmoKramer4700

7 years ago#3
I wish, but unfortunately very unlikely....didn't care for Nuts and Bolts =/
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User Info: SuperShadowAce

7 years ago#4
They may be able to buy them back, Microsoft hasn't been using Rare well lately.
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User Info: shiny_metroidZ

7 years ago#5
I would sacrifice my left nut in a pagan ritual for Banjo Kazooie on the 3DS, either as 3D-ified port(s), remake(s), or maybe finally Banjo Threeie >_>. But to answer you, I believe that it is possible for the reasoning you stated, but very, VERY unlikely. I'll still be praying, though.
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User Info: grans

7 years ago#6
Considering that Rare went out of their way to remove any Banjo or Conker characters from the DS port of Diddy Kong Racing, the odds of seeing another Banjo game (new or old) on a Nintendo system are almost zero. They also didn't allow the Banjo's to be released on Wii VC, instead porting them to Xbox Live. So yeah, it's 99.99% certain we'll not see Banjo on a Nintendo system ever again, unless Nintendo or another third party developer somehow gets the rights to Banjo, or Rare goes back to Nintendo.

And to be honest, i'm not sure if i'd want a new one anymore. Rareware is just not what they used to be. There was one time when Rare was all that and more, but those times have long since died, basically with the end of the N64. I imagine most of their original staff are long gone. I really hate what they did with Nuts and Bolts. They transformed one of the greatest 3D platformers of all time into a slow and mediocre vehicle sim. Banjo is about exploring fantasy worlds on foot, generally collecting notes and jiggies. I'm not against some changes to the platforming genre, but not a slow moving vehicle sim...

To top off their decline in quality, they've gotten quite arrogant as well. At least with some game developers, arrogance might be understandable if you are genuinely a top contender for best game dev. The problem is that Rare has long left their quality in the past, but they have delusions of grandeur and superiority. A small example of their arrogance- mercilessly teasing their customers with promises of a Killer Instinct 3 every year or so, whilst laughing at them and never delivering.

And lastly, if we ended up getting some kind of remake or port of Banjo games on 3DS, they have a good chance of being worse than the originals. They'll either change levels for the worse and water the game down (like the Conker Xbox remake), or they'll try to port the game and make some very fail decisions in regards to graphics or gameplay (they ruined the Diddy Kong Racing DS port as well as the DKC GBA ports). There's not much heart in their games anymore. I don't blame their merger with MS as the culprit either, so don't think i'm a bitter Nintendo fanboy. Their quality dropped as soon as the N64 era ended and they moved onto GC and GBA (and even their GBC games). I'm actually suspicious Nintendo knew this and that's why they got rid of them. Now we've got Retro taking over the DKC series, and it looks to be a return to glory.

If they prove that they can't make a decent Banjo platformer anymore, they should just kill off the series or sell it to another company to try their hand at it. I hate to say that, but i'd rather either of those scenarios occur than have Banjo go the Sonic route and taint the entire name of the series forever. If you can't even make a decent game out of your character anymore, i say end the series or let it go to another company.

That being said, i did enjoy Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Kameo Elements of power. They're nowhere NEAR the glory days, but they entertained me as stand alone titles. A lot of people hate those games though. So even i'm being generous there. Perhaps they should try their hand at a new quirky platformer, create an all new character with new story and gameplay. Could be a fresh start.

(long post is long, i expect many TL:DR's, but just adding my opinions, feel free to ignore, not trying to insult anyone either)
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User Info: MasterOtenko

7 years ago#7
Didn't all of the important members of Rare leave already? I doubt a new game would be on the same level as the original two. I'd just hope for a port.
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User Info: SuperShadowAce

7 years ago#8
Nintendo just needs to buy the rights for Goldeneye and Donkey Kong 64.
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User Info: NamekianClown

7 years ago#9
It doesn't matter. No matter what modern Rare makes and slaps the Banjo Kazooie name on, it will never be Banjo Kazooie. Not a single person working at the company is the same from back in the day. They are only only Rare by name, and by what they legally have the rights to, such as Banjo Kazooie.

Nuts & Bolts wasn't even a Banjo Kazooie game. "It was pretty good though." Okay, whatever, but that isn't what I'm saying. They could have easily made a new character, but that's not what they were doing with N&B, no one would have bought it that way, and that is the only reason why they made it. Because all of their recent games weren't selling well, and they knew they could easily cash in on the Banjo Kazooie name.

Rare, and Banjo Kazooie, are effectively dead. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but you're going to have to get over that and just enjoy the old ones.
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User Info: d0wner

7 years ago#10
Rare haven't made anything worthy of their name since 64.

But if they wanted to port Conker I sure wouldn't complain.
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