Not going to be a good console

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User Info: Satarack

7 years ago#31

From: omypizza | #029
we will see when it comes out if it sucks or previals.

and spartan your are the one trolling you Obviously don't know anything about the system as you have not posting a single thing about it.

The same is true of you, you clearly know nothing about the 3DS at all, and you have not posted a single thing about it. All you've done is use a falacious argument to argue that the 3DS is just another of Nintendo's ****ing DS models (something that is not even a subject of argument, it is a fact that the 3DS is a new system), and to complain that Nintendo shouldn't have made the DSi if they were just going to release the 3DS one year later (which is also untrue since the DSi was released April 2009 world wide, and November 2008 in Japan, and the 3DS won't be out until 2011, meaning at least two years of difference between the two.)

If you actually want to learn something, how about you look at those traillers I posted. Or respond to the fact that the 3DS has a completely different GPU than the DS line (which includes all DS models).
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User Info: mjalal100

7 years ago#32
Stop feeding the troll, this topic needs to die.
Seriously, did you see his account? 25: New User (3)
Anyone who posts after this one will prove to be no better than TC.
May you find some intelligence for once TC.
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User Info: Satarack

7 years ago#33
I'm just going to repost this, since it was moderate for having also quoted TC who censor bypassed; but this time without quoting him.

One, you must completely obscure swear words on Gamefaqs. Leaving the first letter like that is against the Terms of Service. You can still leave the "ing" though, so ****ing is all right.

Second, THIS IS BRAND NEW HARDWARE! This thing is completely new, and much more powerful than the DS, just look at some of the trailers out for 3DS games that are in the works.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Resident Evil: Revelations

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D (Footage of Demo from E3 show floor)

And for the record, I was moderated at 6/27/2010 4:27:41 PM, and as of 6/27/2010 10:44:00 PM, TC's original post which contained the violation which got my post moderate, still has not been moderated itself.
Would the 3DS be too classy to take to the toilet?

User Info: MizuhoChama

7 years ago#34
Holy crap, this is the best troll topic ever. The TC actually came back and tried to defend his trolling.

I lol'd hard.

And if it's actually a serious topic, which in my mind, just CANNOT be possible, it would be so funny I could possibly die from laughter.

Damnit, I'm crying from the laughing.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#35
This topic should be immortalised.
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User Info: ViperXtreme

7 years ago#36
lol funny thread
System specs? whats that? is that edible?

User Info: LazyBro

7 years ago#37
This topic should be stickied just for the lulz.

User Info: mrfatcat

7 years ago#38
People, he's either a troll or a human. Because humans never want to give up on ideas, even if there's no benefit.
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User Info: Platinum_Luigi

7 years ago#39
ds lite was 4 years ago.
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User Info: PlatinumAce

7 years ago#40
way to do your homework TC. no matter how misleading the name and design are, this is a brand new system. the DS itself is 6 years old, so its wrong to take the Lite, i/XL into account. its definitely time for the next step.
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