This comes out 1 year b4 the end of the world

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User Info: ForcefulBoot

7 years ago#1
we get one last console before we all die, and this is it.
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User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

7 years ago#2
Maybe it's the cause.

User Info: SragentThom

7 years ago#3
You really believe that bull?

User Info: jmeyer2039

7 years ago#4
Not everyone dies, didn't you see that movie?

User Info: Sirian_Hawk

7 years ago#5
Oh god. It's that Japanese Golden Sun commercial actually coming to pass!

The 3DS will come out and everyone will just stop moving and stare at the screen. Civilization will come to a halt. The machines will go unmonitored and eventually break down and explode! Nukes will go off without waring! IT"S THE END OF THE WORLD AND NINTENDO IS TO BLAME!!!!

*takes deep breath*

Oh well, at least I will die the way I lived, playing video games.
"Great modem of mercy! Cover the children's eyes!" "There are no children here." "Then move your fat head. I can't see!" ~Futurama

User Info: MattyMo423

7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: omniryu

7 years ago#7
Please 2012 isn't real...... OMIGOD it's GOD!

God: You all make me SICK!
** Doing rapid hand signs**

**Earth blows up**
PSN ID: Omniryu
PKMN FC: 1505 8611 4239

User Info: grans

7 years ago#8
Don't worry dear TC. Me and 3 other "heroes of light" as you like to call us are venturing out on a great journey and beating up random fuzzy animals, taking any money equipment and items that they happen to somehow be carrying (maybe they're all marsupials and have pockets?). We intend to restore 4 elemental crystals and beat this nut who wants to return everything to the void. Hopefully, we intend to rid the world of his evil and stop the world from ending. Wish us luck! If it's any indication of our undoubted success, i'm the leader, i'm totally emo, and i happen to be carrying a sword at least 3 times my size!

Talk to you later, i have to kill an irritable squirrel squad, crafty little critters attacking in groups of 6-9...

*runs away from all the pitch forks*
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: AJ2412

7 years ago#9
What do you mean? There is lots of proof telling us that the world will end in 2012.
Nothing can save you from me! Not men, not weapons, NOT ARMOR!!!!!

User Info: omniryu

7 years ago#10
Can I be a hero of light, Grans?
PSN ID: Omniryu
PKMN FC: 1505 8611 4239
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