For all you guys who think shooters won't work....

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User Info: sackboypwnsall

7 years ago#1
This proves that gyroscopes (like the one in the 3DS) can handle pretty well.
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User Info: PlatinumAce

7 years ago#2
who said shooters wouldnt work? or do you mean they said it wont work with the gyroscope?
because on the original DS we've had plenty of shooters; like CoD and MPH
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User Info: strife14467

7 years ago#3
Seems like most people are saying it won't work because there's no second analogue.
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User Info: ForcefulBoot

7 years ago#4
think back to 007. Thats about as smooth as it will get.
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User Info: TheGreatUnown

7 years ago#5
@Strife: Well, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops+ was a pain to control.
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User Info: frogman_295

7 years ago#6
That gyrosensor looks pretty cool. I wonder how developers will use it in 3DS games...

User Info: AceBandage_Jr

7 years ago#7
MPH controlled pretty awesomely with the thumb pad touchscreen.
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User Info: sackboypwnsall

7 years ago#8
I have hopes for quality FPSes on this thing...
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#9
There is no way in hell I want to play a FPS by aiming and turning with the gyroscope. I would never argue they won't work on 3DS, though. They'll work. If nothing else, we can aim with the stylus.

That said, I do not want to tilt a system back and forth to aim. And I would absolutely prefer the current industry standard for shooter controls: two analog sticks.


7 years ago#10
The gyro tilt aiming is pretty cool, but I think it might not work well with the 3d screen since you need to have the proper angle to get the 3d effect. Or is the 3d viewing angle actually pretty wide? I haven't seen it in action yet.
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  3. For all you guys who think shooters won't work....

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