For all you guys who think shooters won't work....

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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#21
Actually the industry standard for shooters is mouse and keyboard...but whatever you say..

I take it you completely skipped over my statement that a mouse and keyboard is my interface of choice? Obviously I meant the industry standard for dedicated videogame systems.

User Info: Pudopist

7 years ago#22

From: DarkZV2Beta | #020
The system is light, and the Stylus controls work. They also offer greater precision than an analogue.

Yeah, it worked pretty well before. And if they put a button on the stylus it would basically be mouse+keyboard.

On topic though, that gyro aiming looks pretty fun! Can't wait to try the shooters out when they hit.
MH:Tri - Corm

User Info: luigi33

7 years ago#23

From: Vamphaery | #057
Adding a second nub would only gimp yourself vs. someone who's playing with Gyro/touch screen

Why? How? Are you suggesting that somehow using the stylus (while also having to support the weight of the system while your other hand is operating the slide pad,) or tilting the system back and forth, is more precise and/or faster than using a slide pad? Perhaps for some, but certainly not for me.

Maybe not for Gyro, but yes for TS. Simply because the time you move your second analog to their face they can just point and touch yours. <-- Luigi33 sign pic <-- My pic

User Info: lordstupidity

7 years ago#24

From: AceBandage Jr | #007
MPH controlled pretty awesomely with the thumb pad touchscreen.

This. MPH had one of the best uses of the touchscreen imo.
(>o_o)>r-- (>^_(>O_o)>

User Info: WahahaName

7 years ago#25
Shooters are so generic and boring these days that I really don't care if they never make any on the 3DS. This is coming from someone who plays them, not from some anti-fanboy kind of thing.

User Info: brandon13

7 years ago#26
This actually looks really fun and I would love to play a shooter on 3DS that implemented these controls. This would also free up your hands to use all of the buttons, unlike the current DS setup of only being able to use the touchscreen, dpad and L button.

From: KingDavidxx | #010
The gyro tilt aiming is pretty cool, but I think it might not work well with the 3d screen since you need to have the proper angle to get the 3d effect. Or is the 3d viewing angle actually pretty wide? I haven't seen it in action yet.

Nobody remembers this, but just because the system supports 3D does not mean every game needs it. I don't think 3D is essential to an FPS, in fact I believe it would be detrimental.
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