To all lefties complaining about 3DS...

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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#41
Why can't lefties adapt?

Because people are different. Many can. Some can't.

User Info: AcceptThisName

7 years ago#42
I see how the control pad/stick would be harder to use at the same time as the stylus but they should get used to it and I do things
sometimes with controls how they werent meant to be used and can do things my brother cant

"^That's not what lefties find concerning at all. Think more."

then whats all this about?

""Lefties have had no problem using the same basic control scheme on consoles and handhelds in the past, why complain now? Is it the touch screen?"

its the fact that some games need to use the analog and the stylus at the same time, and using the stylus in your off hand is a pita"

"Of course no lefties ever complained about any system's layout in the past. Because it's never been a problem until now. Do you people even read the complaints? The issue isn't with the analog stick's position itself or the use of the D-pad or face buttons. The issue is with the use of the ANALOG STICK AND THE TOUCH SCREEN AT THE SAME TIME. That is what causes the problem. "

User Info: CrapFactory

7 years ago#43
Honestly all the lefties will be killed in the great genetics war of 2013 anyways. Either change hands or die to leftafluenza.

User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#44
If I see one more argument that starts with or includes, "Well, I can ___________(insert ability here)," I'm going to lose my mind.



User Info: Dragooncancer

7 years ago#45
Everything icanhazthis has said is QFT, but seeing as his main post was quite long I will not infact be posting it again. However as a lefty myself I concur with all of his main arguments.

And to the one person who suggested the use of thumb pads, well I remember playing Mario 64 when it first came out on the DS with a thumb pad and while I liked the idea I felt it was poorly executed. The biggest flaw I felt was that I would continually have to "reset" my thumb position on the bottom screen because I would end up moving my thumb all the way up to the corner of the screen while trying to keep Mario running at full speed. To remedy this I would suggest creating a "digital" thumb stick on the touch screen itself so the need to readjust your thumb would be eliminated.
err human est
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