any CONCRETE FACTS of a release date?

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  3. any CONCRETE FACTS of a release date?

User Info: typs_lik_dis

7 years ago#11
member of the sam jackson alliance
maybe even the president ^m i rite

User Info: mgl2003

7 years ago#12
It seems like a really bad time to release a new system. I hope it comes out in Jan. so I can get some games for my b-day on Feb. 1st.
When life sucks, laugh at if for having a **** in its mouth.

User Info: daodos

7 years ago#13
For those talking about Reggie said next year. Nintendo just said Reggie was talking out his ass basically and no date has been set at all. Just before March 2011.
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User Info: MasterChef1121

7 years ago#14
^I assumed this, but source for reference?
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User Info: sumweeaboo

7 years ago#15
Here's the source.

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  3. any CONCRETE FACTS of a release date?

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