What 3DS game are you most looking forward to?

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User Info: Accrovideogames

7 years ago#71
I'll strike Super Mario for the kill. Honestly, I love Mario games, but I can find absolutely no information on it. It could be a collection of crappy games that simply feature Mario, for all I know. Hard to anticipate a game that is barely even a whisper on the internet.

Same here, the topic title does say the game you're most looking forward to.

My second strike goes to Paper Mario. I played Super Paper Mario on the Wii. It was an okay game, but the RPG elements made it seem unnecessarily lengthy. I didn't like the central hub, either. This is coming from someone whose favorite genre is RPG.
What the hell? Did you know that Paper Mario 3D is a RPG just like the original one on the N64 and The Thousand-Year Door? It has nothing to do with Super Paper Mario. If you see "Super", it means it's a platformer with RPG elements, if you don't, it's the classic RPG style we all love in Paper Mario.

Did I get it right this time?
Not even in the slightest. I can't even fix it because it seems like you wanted to save PM3D and strike OoT3D. You need to strike 2 games, not just one.

save paper mario, strike OoT
Sorry, but you must strike two times. This post cannot count, plus you didn't even update the list.

Here is the recovered most recent valid post:

––---Sudden Death---––
--*Resident Evil Revelations
--*Paper Mario 3D
--*Ocarina of Time 3D

Too bad I can't play yet.

For those who are confused: You can't add pluses (+), they are there once and are to never be recovered once they're removed. Forget about all the rules you read in the first post, Sudden Death is completely different. Think of the hyphens and asterisks as an health bar. These health bars have three hearts. An hyphen represents a full heart while an asterisk represents an empty heart. Pluses were meant to be extra lives, they serve as a shield to the health bar. If a game gets hit (strike), it loses a plus (+) instead. Here's an example:

Full health bar: ---
2/3 health bar: --*
1/3 health bar: -**
Empty health bar: *** (dead)

You can't give a save to a game with full health (---). On some exceptional cases, a game can have more than three hearts, up to a total of five. Those extra hearts are represented by pluses. All they do is protect the regular hearts. If such a game gets a strike, it will forever lose one of these extra hearts without converting an hyphen (full heart) into an asterisk (empty heart). The only way for a game to have extra lives (+) is to have saves (-) before Sudden Death begins. These saves are converted into extra lives.
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User Info: Shinibi

7 years ago#72
I'm looking forward to this game the most. And also that game. I can't wait until those games are released.

User Info: jmeyer2039

7 years ago#73
I never played the original Paper Mario, but I had just assumed it played like Super Paper Mario.
Regardless, I'm still looking forward to RER or OoT more.

User Info: AlphaWhelp

7 years ago#74
strike Ocarina and resident evil, save Paper Mario
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User Info: Woopdude

7 years ago#75
Strike Ocarina and RE, and save Paper Mario.

User Info: Accrovideogames

7 years ago#76
I never played the original Paper Mario, but I had just assumed it played like Super Paper Mario.
You're REALLY missing on something. The first two Paper Mario are incredible. They're both extremely good RPGs. For comparison, Paper Mario is Super Mario 64 and Super Paper Mario is Mario Tennis. They're both completely different games. SPM is just a spin-off of the main PM series. PM3D is the third title of that main series. You said you like RPGs, you will love Paper Mario on the N64 and its sequel, The Thousand-Year Door on the NGC. If you don't have a N64, you can buy PM for Virtual Console on the Wii.

strike Ocarina and resident evil, save Paper Mario
I see you don't want to bother copy pasting and updating the list. Alright, I'll do it for you.

Strike Ocarina and RE, and save Paper Mario.
Same here.

So, we get two strikes for OoT and RER, and two saves for PM (can only receive one though). It seems like the game ended!

The winner is Paper Mario 3D !!!
Congratulations !!!

1st: Paper Mario 3D
2nd: Ocarina of Time 3D
2nd: Resident Evil: Revelations
4th: Super Mario 3D
5th: Kid Icarus: Uprising
6th: Mario Kart 3D
6th: Super Monkey Ball 3D
8th: Donkey Kong 3D
9th: Star Fox 64 3D
10th: Kingdom Hearts 3D
10th: Ninja Gaiden 3D
12th: Assassin's Creed Lost Legacy
12th: Dragon Quest 3D
14th: Nintendogs + Cats
14th: Kororinpa 3D
14th: Etrian Odyssey 3D
17th: Animal Crossing 4
18th: Metal Gear Solid 3D
19th: Saints Row: Drive-By
19th: Chocobo Racing 3D
19th: Pac-Man & Galaga
22nd: Driver Renegade
23rd: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
23rd: Harvest Moon 3D
25th: PilotWings Resort
25th: Dead or Alive 3D
25th: Samurai Warriors 3D
28th: Super Street Fighter IV 3D
28th: BloodRayne: The Shroud
28th: Dynasty Warriors 3D
31st: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
32nd: DJ Hero 3D
33rd: Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike
33rd: The Sims 3
33rd: Steel Diver
36th: Hollywood 61
37th: Ridge Racer 3D

It's fun how the game I'm most looking forward to is the great winner.

Now is the time for feedback! Please tell me how you liked or disliked my game. If you have any suggestions, let me know as well!
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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#77
Where's all the love for RIIIDGE RACERRRRR? D:
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User Info: jmeyer2039

7 years ago#78
"Where's all the love for RIIIDGE RACERRRRR? D:"

Down at number 37, apparently. :o

Accro, I enjoyed the game overall. It was a mildly fun and amusing way to see which games are generally more anticipated than others, although only a small sampling played. It's too bad that more people didn't take turns as that led to a prolonging of the game, but, in the end, it was fine.

It is possible that the sheer number of rules presented at multiple points throughout the game turned many people away, but it may have been a necessary evil since the game really is pretty simple. Just seems complicated because it takes a couple of paragraphs to explain it.

As I see it, you could possibly make improvements by condensing all rules into as small a post as possible. It might be challenging, but try to keep it simple, and don't overexplain things. The bigger a list of rules gets, the more easily people lose interest. Or, if a detailed explanation of the rules is necessary at the expense of potential players, you could perhaps make the titles easier to kill so that the game moves along more quickly.

Oh, one last thing. The name "Sudden Death" for the last five games just seemed an inappropriate title. It implies that any of the remaining can suddenly and instantly be killed somehow when, in fact, they take a bit longer to kill. I do not have a problem with those mechanics - just saying that the name "Sudden Death" doesn't really fit them.

Anyway, that's just how I felt. I gave you some mild criticism and suggestions, but I honestly enjoyed the game for the most part, so don't forget that.

User Info: Accrovideogames

7 years ago#79
Thank you jmeyer2039 for your detailed feedback review. I'll be taking everything you said into account. I feel like thanking everyone who participated in my game.

1st: jmeyer2039
For being the first to participate and playing the most with 10 posts. Also thank you for looking for other players' errors and giving me such good feedback.

2nd: SShredder565
For reviving the game when it was about to end unfinished and being the second player who played the most with 5 posts. Also thank you for looking for other players' errors.

3rd: KidBomb
For playing trice.

4th: koopatroopa1015
For playing twice.

Also 4th: killer_chaos
For playing once and looking for cheaters.

6th: globalhorror, clubs10, Platinumashes, shapular and Ifrit
For playing once.

11th: Just_As_Planned, Woopdude and AlphaWhelp
For effort.

But an additional special thank to Woopdude for trying several times and persevering. I hope you'll get it right next time if you ever participate in a future Strike & Save game!

I like how the top three games are the only ones I will inevitably buy on the first day. Paper Mario is my favorite RPG series, Ocarina of Time 3D is not just a port of an awesome game but a remake and quite possibly the full edition of Ura Zelda. I'm also a big fan of Resident Evil and I'm really excited to play as Jill and Chris who are BSAA agents looking for Wesker. I just love how Jill's hair is longer now and of natural color for once (I didn't like the dyed blonde hair in RE5).
I'm French speaking.
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User Info: jmeyer2039

7 years ago#80
And thanks for bringing the original Paper Mario to my attention, accro. I started watching a YouTube walkthrough of it, and it looks pretty fun. Considerably different from the Wii game. Reminds me of SMRPG which I loved. :)
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