Nintendo needs to start setting people straight now.

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User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

7 years ago#1
There are simply too many idiots out there who still think the 3DS is a redesign and not the next iteration of Nintendo handhelds. If there's any hope for a fall release in America, they need to start setting the record straight now. Little snippets on late night talk shows don't help.

Fallon - "The DS is my favorite system, and I heard a rumor that there was a new DS in the works."
Reggie - "The rumors are true..."

This is not what should be happening. This is the reason people are misinformed. Nintendo just isn't being clear enough. More than ever, people are expecting redesigns. People are used to the iPod coming out with a new model every year. People are used to a new DS model being announced around the corner. People are used to yearly designs. It's become commonplace.

What happened on Fallon does more to harm the 3DS than good. The average viewer who isn't hardcore enough to have watched E3 will walk away from that thinking that the 3DS is just another DS when it's not. Nintendo needs to flat out say at every opportunity that the 3DS is not a redesign but a whole new system. The fact is they aren't doing this enough.

User Info: Sano_sky

7 years ago#2
only Sony fan boys think that, Nintendo has 80% of the people in the palm of there hands
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User Info: weeedin

7 years ago#3
*imagines nintencops*

Nintencop: "So have you heard about the new handheld that we are coming out with?"
Person: "Why yes I have! Its a new DS right?"
Nintencop: "WRONG! It is an entirely new system!"

*Nintencop proceeds to beat person with nightstick*

That what you are talking about TC?
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User Info: piecorn

7 years ago#4
Isn't it a new DS though in the same way that the PS3 is a newer playstation. It's not a remake of the PS1 but it is the family of playstations. Until Nintendo does something completely new, or they at least stop calling it a DS, their handhelds will always be new DSs. If they were calling it a new version of the original DS than that would be an issue.
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User Info: jawalabang

7 years ago#5
Gameboy Advance was still a Gameboy...

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#6

From: jawalabang | #005
Gameboy Advance was still a Gameboy...

No. It wasn't. It was a Gameboy Advance. The Gameboy Color was still a Gameboy, but the GBA was a GBA.
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User Info: PlatinumAce

7 years ago#7
you guys are missing the point. anyway i agree TC. made a topic about it a while back too.

people are grouping the 3DS with the likes of the DSLite/DSi/XL, and too many people are completely unaware that this is the next gen handheld, and not a DS rehash. they need to be more clear.
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