My Dream Metroid (Fusion Spoilers)

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User Info: daodos

7 years ago#1
Okay my dream Metroid right here for 3DS. Call it Metroid Dread for ***** and giggles and because it would be a sequel to Fusion.

High quality 2D sprites, or 3D models in 2D. Samus is on the run from the Federation. Unsure of her future plans. She hides on some planet. Its significance not sure how, but it should be. Like an Federation habitat full of creatures and naturally bred monsters and metroids. You basically go Rambo. Exploring and familiarizing yourself with the planet. Having base where you crashed. And setting up various changes in the terrain such as small passage ways to morph ball into.

As you go deeper into the planet crap happen. not sure what, maybe X parasites.

Basic point is. You are being hunted by Elite Federation soldiers, as well as Space pirates. maybe even other hunters, Such as Sylux. They can show up at any time in areas you have been in and all have specialties.

You need to use the terrain and your knowledge to your advantage to hide, and escape pursuit, and in some cases if you are strong enough fight off the hunters. Traps can be set and made to your advantage to escape/wound/kill.

As for weaponry. Throw some BS about there being Chozo equipment on the planet. Not just weapons but tools like being able to drill in soft rock for hiding, changing the terrain, etc. Maybe if they did it right setting traps would even be a big part of the game. And the only way Samus can get off the planet to warn the world of some great disaster waiting for the universe is to to take parts from the hunters ships. So instead of getting just new weapons, you get more abilities to defend yourself, more uses to interact with the terrain.
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Sure, so long as it does not have Fusion's stifling linearity.
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