Games You Dream To Be Portable [3DS]

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User Info: Zhacarias

7 years ago#1
Simply post one game you'd want to be on DS. ANY GAME.

User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#2
Supported by wings of faith, Wielding a sword of light.
I am a believer.

User Info: Sano_sky

7 years ago#3
(this is like the 5th topic) Oh well

Megaman legends 3
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Waste O' Topic.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#4
Final Fantasy XIV
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User Info: Zhacarias

7 years ago#5
Many FF14s. xD
A portable online game is every person's fantasy I guess.

User Info: MetaKirbyFan

7 years ago#6
Any game?

Bloons Tower Defense 1-4 collection.

User Info: L0L_FAQ

7 years ago#7
World of Warcraft

Seriously, i would pay out the ass for a 3DS warcraft with good voicce chat support.
Project Gotham Racing --- "Your toast has been burnt, and no amount of scraping can remove the black parts!" -Caboose, Red vs Blue

User Info: noutBr

7 years ago#8
1) Banjo-Kazooie
2) Starfox 64 (CHECK!)
3) Wave Race 64
4) Diddy Kong Racing (the DS game is a travesty with butchered kart controls as the biggest screw-up) TIP FOR (the new unable to produce anything of quality) RARE: DON'T CHANGE/SCREW-UP WHAT WAS PERFECT!

That's my top 3, the original B-K to this day is IMO the best and most fun 3D platform game ever made. Even after finishing SMG1 and 2 100% I still like B-K more. I must have completed B-K about 20 times and I still want to play through it again! It's just so much fun to 100%!
m e g a m a n f o r e v e r

User Info: samimckee

7 years ago#9
A Kingdom Hearts Collection. I'd pay $100.
So bad, not even Naruto would believe it.
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User Info: killer_chaos

7 years ago#10

I always thought a Retro Studios Metroid Prime game would be nice for the system.
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