Its a shame that the resolution on the top screen is so poor.

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  3. Its a shame that the resolution on the top screen is so poor.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#21

From: t 002 Tyrant | #020
And... Why would they have to use a standard resolution, exactly?

Good question. Why are we using standard wall outlets? Wouldn't it be funnier if everyone had different ones so you could only use your electric devices at home? And why do so much devices use the standard USB? Wouldn't it be better if nothing was compatible with each other and your choices of peripherals was extremely narrow?

You see, standards are there to make life easier.
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User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#22
The only issue is this PSP resolution is 480 x 272 pixel that 32 pixels higher. That will effect he developers and ports made. Sure it has a bottom touch screen for more height, but generally the HUDs in games don't obscure all 480 x 32 playing field and the bottom screen is unlikely to display any of the playing field as it can't do 3D.

User Info: t 002 Tyrant

t 002 Tyrant
7 years ago#23
Standards only "make life easier" when things are going to be shifted around and used in different settings...

Using crap like USB cables as a defense is rather ridiculous considering that they are used by various devices...
The 3DS screen is used for the 3DS and the 3DS alone...

Using a non-standard resolution on the 3DS would make "life" no harder than using a standard resolution as, whatever they choose to go with BECOMES the standard for 3DS games... And the only time that could pose any real issue is in porting games to/from PSP or something... And as they already use different "standards" that would really be no more of a problem than it already is...
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#24
Youtube video =/= tiny 3DS screen.

Theater-sized presentation at E3 =/= tiny 3DS screen.

User Info: Ryvell

7 years ago#25

From: Parrotboy_1230 | #017
Yeah, cause' if it's 400 by 240 for each eye, then that would be 800 by 480 total, which puts a pretty big workload on the GPU. 400 by 240 isn't bad. Maybe it would've been a better choice for it to be 400 by 320 or something in order to fill in the extra space on the screen. I'm sure Nintendo'll do something about it.

No, it would be equivalent to 800 by 240. You double one dimension, not both.

User Info: Parrotboy_1230

7 years ago#26
Heh...Oops. :)
If there's extra space at the top, would a 400x320 fill it up?
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User Info: Brooks3000

7 years ago#27
I played the 3DS at E3 and the resolution seemed superb to me. Its still leagues above the DS which is fine for me.
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  3. Its a shame that the resolution on the top screen is so poor.

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