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User Info: Kayube

7 years ago#21
Summary of Nintendo's Revisions So Far:

Game Boy -> Game Boy Pocket
Lighter, easier to see screen, smaller size, different link cable.

Game Boy Pocket -> Game Boy Color
Added color. Some games were compatible with both black-and-white and color Game Boys, others only worked with GBC. I usually consider the GBC to be a new system rather than a revision of the Game Boy, but Nintendo mostly lumps the two together and they are similar in what they can do other than the color factor.

GBC -> Game Boy Advance
Completely new system with backwards compatibility to Game Boy Color, not a revision at all.

Foldable design, backlight (two kinds throughout the SP's history).

GBASP -> Game Boy Micro
Even smaller size, better screen (if you don't mind it being small), lack of multiplayer or GBC capabilities.

Completely new system. Backwards compatible with GBA games.

DS -> DS Lite
Smaller version of DS. Added more screen brightnesses.

DS Lite -> DSi
New system upgrade. Added cameras, more internet features, DSiWare. Removed GBA support. May be a little more powerful but I've never been too clear on that- the only DSi exclusive games are downloadable or involve the camera in some way.

DSi -> DSi XL
Bigger screen version of DSi. Other than that all the same features.

DSi XL -> 3DS
Completely new system, backwards compatible with DS and DSiWare games.

So most of the revisions have consisted of fiddling with the screens. If you like how the games look on the standard 3DS there probably won't be any reason to get any new revision, unless they pull out a random new feature like how they put a camera on the DSi.
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