I've lost interest in gaming.

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User Info: Teremei

7 years ago#1
Thank you, VERY MUCH 3DS. Now I can't get into FF8 which I was playing on my PSPgo, or any of my 50+ DS games because you are coming out and I am so excited about you. And you're atleast 6 months away from launch! I don't even feel like playing my Wii or PS3.

All I can think of is playing Zelda OOT in 3D with analog control on a handheld! Or pilotwings, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, and much much more in 3D I'm so excited! AAARRRGHH! WHY do you do this to me 3DS!!
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User Info: d_j_win_sum

7 years ago#2
imagine the 3ds being unafortable, then youll be back to your old systems...

User Info: Teremei

7 years ago#3
don't get me wrong, once 3DS comes out that doesn't mean I won't still play Wii, PS3, etc. . It's just I'm so excited about the upcoming system more than any other handheld in the past I think.
$$ soon: DQIX (ds), Trinity Universe (ps3), Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)

User Info: Gucci_Mane_

7 years ago#4
Wow, this thing is gonna be awesome . . .
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User Info: Sitheltzon

7 years ago#5
I feel the same way TC.
All hail the Chicken Man!

User Info: Caspulex

7 years ago#6
Holy hell, I feel the same way.

I watched the Nintendo conference, was extremely giddy and squealy...

and now I really don't care to play games.

I've got some DS games I play, I've been trying free MMOs for my friends to play, and playing Majora's Mask.

But I just don't care. I want my grubby mitts on a 3DS, damnit.
"Do you just not count SRPGs at all?"
On what planet do you live on to where you consider FFT to be a Space RPG? - Quintious

User Info: t 002 Tyrant

t 002 Tyrant
7 years ago#7
Meh... I just look at current trends in gaming, all the series I like that have been screwed up, all the potentially awesome games that have the potential to be screwed up, and find myself longing for a Sega Saturn...
"If humans don't want me, then why did they create me?"
- Naomi Armitage
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