Can people really be this dumb?

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User Info: trenken

7 years ago#1

So Reggie says on national television that the 3DS is coming out next year. I dont know, something in those words tells me its not coming out this year.

Then you read the comments at the bottom of that page, people talking about release dates this year.

How is it that I am a part of the same species as people that are this dumb? I dont get it.

User Info: hellothar52341

7 years ago#2

That's why.
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User Info: andydark

7 years ago#3
Because Nintendo of Japan basically issued a statement saying Reggie's statement wasn't accurate.

So one can assume if Reggie's statement of 2011 isn't accurate, that pushes it back to 2012 or up to 2010.
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User Info: trenken

7 years ago#4
Im aware of that, but even at E3 he said BY MARCH 2011, not BY THE END OF THE YEAR.

People are dumb.

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#5
BY March next year, doesn't mean IN March next year. It's still certainly a possibility for a holiday release.

User Info: andydark

7 years ago#6
But when someone says that Reggie saying "It won't be out till 2011" is WRONG.

Doesn't that draw speculation toward the fact that it would be out in 2010?

Hell, on the same site you linked to ( there is an article that reads "3DS in 2010 Afterall?" or something along those lines.
I am a gaymer
Brawl Code: 2277-6333-5282

User Info: RoflesthePirate

7 years ago#7
Dude, it will be out for the holidays or it will be out in one of the three months after the holidays. Either way, it will be at least a few months until we get our happy-making machine. :D

For now, there is nothing we can do but wait, unfortunate as that may be. :(


User Info: malletboo

7 years ago#8
*face palm* he said it will be released INTERNATIONLY BY march 31st 2011 that could we it will be released in Europe in march 31st 2011 he's saying every store in the world will
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User Info: mizukage2

7 years ago#9
At E3 he said that depending on the feedback they got they might do some tweaking to the system, but no matter what that it would come out by March of next year. As in, that is the absolute latest they would wait to release it, which doesn't preclude a release at a date earlier then that. So I am pretty sure he just misspoke on the tonight show.

User Info: MetaKirbyFan

7 years ago#10
XD TC got owned.
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