3ds "lite" thoughts

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User Info: DeuxHero

7 years ago#11
Eh, I'm going to wait a yearish anyways for lower price, buying the known good games cheep (and having a good selection unlike the DS) and better design.
God was a dream of good government. You will soon have your God, and you will make it with your own hands.-Morpheus -Deus Ex

User Info: Zhacarias

7 years ago#12
Argh, dammit, such a perfect opportunity but I don't want to get modded.

Good job, soldier. *pats head*

User Info: ImGanondorfLol

7 years ago#13
Ooohh I got it, I got it. No but mine is pretty big I'm fine with it.
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User Info: ZombiePikmin

7 years ago#14
How about we wait untill it comes out to complain about what they could have done better?
I will destroy your soul(b^_^)b

User Info: typs_lik_dis

7 years ago#15
ds phat = calculus BC (big ****c)

limp small 3ds = calculus AB (*** bang)
member of the sam jackson alliance
maybe even the president ^m i rite
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