3DS less than $200!

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User Info: Monkeymascot

7 years ago#41
"Keep in mind that, because Nintendo hasn't gone on the record with many of the 3DS system's capabilities, a lot of the answers below are educated guesses and predictions using my decades of experience covering Nintendo, its products, and its developers, as well as the handheld market in general.

In other words, don't kill me if I'm way off base. "

"We don't know how much the system's going to cost, but going by past experiences and competition, don't expect something that costs more than $200."

User Info: mrfatcat

7 years ago#42
Secret Starfall, according to you, the GBA is the same as the GB.
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User Info: _gatch

7 years ago#43
mrfatcat, according to you, fatcat is the same as catfat.
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User Info: whitemogs

7 years ago#44
_gatch according to you i like videogames and women
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User Info: mjalal100

7 years ago#45
If this is true, the 3ds will have a mass sold out within less time than the wii
*goes to pre-order*
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