What was your "gateway drug" to the RPG genre?

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  3. What was your "gateway drug" to the RPG genre?

User Info: Sonic_Brawler

7 years ago#1
Or did you plung right into the more "hardcore" and complex RPG's.

Mine was pokemon, before I played that I never wanted to play an RPG
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User Info: DarkWolfwooD

7 years ago#2
Console rpgs: Chrono Trigger
PC rpgs: Fallout

User Info: marrownaut

7 years ago#3
Pokemon I suppose, but at the time I didnt even know what an RPG game was. Nah I got hooked on Tales of Symphonia witch led to Final Fantasy.
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User Info: pocchama1996

7 years ago#4
well i guess pokemon but i dont really count it as an rpg so id say mother 3
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User Info: O_Town_Rulez

7 years ago#5
Super Mario RPG TBQH
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User Info: Sirian_Hawk

7 years ago#6
FF3 (also known as FF6) on the SNES. Never cared about RPGs before that but then I played it when someone else was raving about it and I was hooked from then on.
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User Info: AnimaRequiem

7 years ago#7
Earthbound, 'nuff said.

User Info: 3dgamerman

7 years ago#8
pokemon ruby
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User Info: LazyBro

7 years ago#9
Ys 3

User Info: MasterOtenko

7 years ago#10
Earthbound was my first traditional RPG.
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  3. What was your "gateway drug" to the RPG genre?

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