What was your "gateway drug" to the RPG genre?

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  3. What was your "gateway drug" to the RPG genre?

User Info: kiddykonga

7 years ago#161
Super Mario RPG is what got me started on RPGs back in 1995/96 so it led me into trying out others. I tried Lufia 2 and Final Fantasy 6 after that, but they didn't really hook me. THEN (one fateful day) I played a little game called Earthbound. And we've been best friends ever since! So yeah if EB never came around I probably wouldn't be into RPGs right now. I wouldn't consider Mario RPG my gateway drug into RPGs since I didn't become addicted until EB. So....Earthbound!
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User Info: Golberg51

7 years ago#162
My first traditional RPG was Paper Mario for the N64 (tough lately i've started playing Earthbound).
My first western RPG was Oblivion, unless you can count GTA: SA for having some RPG elements.
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User Info: Piemagicman

7 years ago#163
Golden Sun!!!
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User Info: MrKunio

7 years ago#164
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User Info: GamerJM

7 years ago#165
Pokemon, which was basically my first game, was also my first RPG. Ever since then I've been in love with the genre. However, even if my first RPG wasn't Pokemon I can't imagine a situation where I wouldn't have liked RPGs.
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User Info: TOSYuan3195

7 years ago#166
the start: pokemon yellow
the realization leading to obsession: tales of symphonia
the enforcers: golden sun, FE, chrono trigger, and AW:DS
the now: persona 4 (60 hours in and close-ish to done)

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User Info: Enixsoft

7 years ago#167
Final Fantasy VII

User Info: Brooks3000

7 years ago#168
Pokemon Blue was my first...but i never played any other RPG that until Persona 3. That really opened up to console rpgs Persona 4, Eternal Sonata, FFXIII. Now i feel stupid for missing out on so many good rpg's over the years!
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