Don't the 3D and the Gyroscope conflict?

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User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#21
So, you've never played a racing game on the iPhone, huh? The camera tilts the other way so obviously the world is still upright. That's not the problem.

Well no I haven't, can't say I would have if I had the opportunity really either.

Also it still is a problem. Racing games are designed for wide view to simulate peripheral vision. By turning the screen you are not seeing it level to the wide part of the screen. Therefore when peripheral vision is actually needed for say turning, you can't actually see because you're turning it. That's a big gameplay oversight.

There's plenty more redundancies to mention about using it in a steering wheel style than just focusing on how it doesn't work with 3D in that way. Point is, in the end it won't work like that (excluding developers who make games when they can't even make correct design for a system properly).
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User Info: GameDesignerSage

7 years ago#22
People who suggest that developers will make use of the 3D effect regardless of whether or not it fits their game(play) probably aren't thinking clearly... I don't really mean to insult, but I don't see Nintendo forcing use of 3D and I don't see developers scrapping good game ideas just because they can't make use of 3D.

The same could be said of yourself. Eventually it may turn otherwise, but in the first few years all publishers will want to make sure people know their game supports 3D on the 3DS. When even Nintendo drops direct touch-based controls for Nintendogs (which is a big part of the game, directly touching) then you know where the priority lies.
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