So Did Anyone Ever See This Coming?

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User Info: Iwata_Miyamoto

7 years ago#1
Before its announcement a few months ago, did anyone honestly expect the succesor to the DS would be in 3d? I know that a few times during the DS' lifespan I pondered how could Nintendo improve on what seemed like the pinnacle of handheld gaming. One idea was three screens, but that seemed to silly to work.
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User Info: Shibuto

7 years ago#2
You're Iwata/Miyamoto you tell me..
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User Info: anythingisfine

7 years ago#3
did not see it at all... I thought it would just be a beefed up DS.

User Info: silver knux

silver knux
7 years ago#4
I was actually expecting a return to the GameBoy line with a super beefed up handheld and a multi-touch widescreen display and 2 analog sticks plus buttons. 2 screens is nice, but I haven't seen any games that absolutely would have required both screens if there wasn't a second screen available.

I had no idea that glasses-free 3D technology existed before the 3DS announcement.
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User Info: Clownless

7 years ago#5
No way. This seems like the obvious progression now, looking at all the 3D entertainment options just beginning to be more accessible to consumers, and in typical Nintendo fashion they were looking to the future instead of where we just assumed the next step would be. It's easy to forget that the future of technology is only partly just faster, stronger, more refined present technology.

User Info: K3wlness

7 years ago#6
There were rumors of a 3DS dating back about a year ago... regardless, I didn't see the "3D" aspect coming; I was just expecting updated graphics and such.
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