Downloadable 3D movies?

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User Info: K3wlness

7 years ago#1
Since the 3DS will supposedly support 3d movies, rather than having a bunch of cartridges, do you think there will be some sort of "movie store" (unlike Virtual Console) in which you can purchase and download movies via a Wi-Fi connection? This could be really convenient.

User Info: AceBandage_Jr

7 years ago#2
Yeah, more than likely.
The movies won't be very large, because they aren't HD and are formatted for a smaller screen.
We're gonna see a fairly large update to Nintendo's online store setup.
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User Info: FlipManV3

7 years ago#3
If they do offer that, they would somewhat of a big internal HD.
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User Info: kaloo

7 years ago#4
Well, they're including an SD Card slot so that could be it.

User Info: K3wlness

7 years ago#5
Thanks for the responses. (my excuse for a bump)
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