3DS needs Phantasy Star Online!

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User Info: Atma057

7 years ago#1
The Original Dreamcast/Game Cube/PC one... Eps 1, 2 and 4, maybe even a 5 just to give us something new!

Anyone else agree?
PSN: Atma057

User Info: RhthymPopo7

7 years ago#2
Hell. Yes. I would play the MESS outta that!
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User Info: Tzuba12

7 years ago#3
A MMO on a handheld console? Sign me up!
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User Info: Link3

7 years ago#4
Throw in 3, even though it was that Card Battle stuff.

PS0 wasn't bad, but PSO was so much better.

PSU was just disappointing. Blue Burst was just about perfection.


User Info: Atma057

7 years ago#5
"A MMO on a handheld console? Sign me up!"

I meant 4 player local, but online play would be awesome too
PSN: Atma057

User Info: stoney2005

7 years ago#6
PSO oh yea. Give us a real version of phantasy star online. No ps0 no psu . Mags,items we can drop and see N those redbox rares
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#7

From: Tzuba12 | #003
A MMO on a handheld console? Sign me up!

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User Info: superhoffy

7 years ago#8
**** YEAH

PSO eat my life I must have wasted thousands of hours on all PSOs from Dreamcast to Blue burst PC

User Info: HeartlessFreak

7 years ago#9
"Mags,items we can drop and see N those redbox rares."

PS0 had all that.. and was also is a update to standard PSO. maybe they should just make a PS0 sequel?
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User Info: Teremei

7 years ago#10
If it came out, yeah I would probably buy it. But PSO isn't high on my list of must plays for 3DS. Heck most of the announced games would have me saying that.

"3DS needs a pilotwings!"
"3DS needs a PAPER mario."
"3DS needs starfox!"

There are other games I'd choose like. Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, side scrolling metroid, new Castlevania. Before I would beg for a PSO.
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