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User Info: xnamkcor

7 years ago#1
According to the specs, the 3DS's screen is 800x240.
That is supposed to be 400x240 per eye, where both eyes see the same set of lines from a different POV.
I was wondering if it would be possible to interlace the image so it is 400x240 per eye, but the lines were alternating. Each eye would only see half the picture, but in total the resolution would be 800x240. I think this would be good for games that don't use the Stereovision stuff too much and are more of a traditional game. Like Castlevania titles for DS or SSBB for Wii. The game could use the 3D effect interlaced, but it would also allow for the user to slide down the Stereovision Slider all the way and see the game 800x240 with no stereovision. It might even be useful for games that do use the Stereovision effect, but as a way to push detail. Metal Gear seems like a game that would do this, as the Metal Gear games seem to push systems very well.

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