No Smash Bros. is not an option.

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User Info: koopabros64

7 years ago#31
I said playing on separate systems would hurt the multiplayer aspect of the game. Most people that play smash play it through a friend, or family member. Less people would play the game if they have to own a separate system. Because that cost a lot more then having another controller.
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User Info: ChiBear_down

7 years ago#32
Super Smash Bros. has never had a fully developed online experience, I think people would be smart to hold their judgement on a SSB3DS Multiplayer. For all we know, if done correctly, this game could top the series.

Anyway, if they made a Smash Bros game, no way it would be a port of Melee. I want a new SSB game that features updated characters/stages and that naturally supports the touch screen.

My wishlist for SSB3DS (wishlists are so dumb):

1. Majora/skull kid
2. Ridley (sized down a bit)
3. Rayman
4. Tom Nook
5. Lemmings (suicidbombing ftw)
6. Crash Bandicoot
7. Mewtwo

New Stages:
1. Ikana Castle (N64)
2. Outset Island (NGC)
3. Bob-bomb Battlefield (N64)
4. Phendrena Drifts (NGC)
5. Gulchy Mountains (Landscape of Rayman 1)
6. Tiny Boss stage of Crash Warped (Crash Bandicoot stage)

User Info: DTY3

7 years ago#33
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User Info: Godstriker8

7 years ago#34
IMO people who bash SSB lacks the friends to make it fun.
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User Info: tirkaro

7 years ago#35
I've always figured if they made a handheld Smash, it should focus on overlooked/side characters. See, I already made a roster:

1. Luigi
2. King Boo
3. Dr. Mario
4. Link (Oracle of X version)
5. Tingle
6. Vaati
7. Roy
8. Starfy
9. Takamaru
10. Mach Rider
11. Mike Jones
12. King K. Rool
13. Ridley
14. Pichu
15. Mewtwo
16. Lip
17. Urban Champion guy
18. Gooey
19. Ninten
20. Giygas
21. Imakuni? (Last guy you unlock)

Tell me that's not the greatest roster ever.

User Info: Smo459

7 years ago#36
tirkaro that's a cool roster especially Gooey and Starfy. But it still lacks Geno

User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#37
A) Geno - Bad Idea; What elevated a semi second party character from one of the Mario RPGs, in an already Mario heavy roster, over Mallow, Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow, Watt, Sushie, Lakilester, Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, Vivian, Ms. Mowz, and Bobbery? nothing as far as I can see they are all one Shot characters. Its a waste of a slot like Toad would be, its just the Geno fanboys are loud like Mother ones. If I were to waste a slot on another Mario related character I'd go with Fawful or Wario Ware characters like Mona or Ashley. At leased they are popular and appear in more games.

B) Issac - I decided on the new one only because it's more promotion on the newest game. It's not really different from how Ness is in Smash but Ninten isn't.

C) ChiBear's Characters
Majora/skull kid; Not going to happen.
Ridley; boss already live with it.
Rayman, Crash, Lemmings; 3rd party is not going to happen. Lemmings would be an assist trophy anyway, never mind they are all non-Japanese 3rd parties so they have little chance. Mega Man and Bomberman have a way better shot.
Tom Nook and Mewtwo; not bad, Tom is the most likely Animal Crossing character.

Ikana Castle; would be Majora/skull kid level, so probably not.
Outset Island; only if Toon(Clone) Link is in again.
Bob-bomb Battlefield; I don't see it personaly.
Phendrena Drifts; I like, a different Metroid level to the crappy lava rising levels they've always given us.
Others; no 3rd party.

D) tirkaro's Characters
King Boo; Probably not seeing as he fights you as a Ghost Bowser. I can't see him being functional. Note It'd be like suggesting Master/Crazy Hand as playable.
Dr. Mario; We don't need the old Melee clone, best just give Mario alternate uniform like Wario.
Tingle; No one wants him as a playable character. I know he got his own series, but still.
Starfy; I think they made him an Assist because they knew he was inferior to Kirby(and it's Hal).
Takamaru, Mike Jones, Lip; Interesting
Mach Rider; No assist trophy only
King K. Rool; Not sure, on one hand... on the other hand...
Pichu; No No No NO NO No, NOOOOOOOOOOOO... I think we astablished in Melee why he shouldn't come back.
Urban Champion guy and Gooey; Just No(and for those who don't know, Gooey is the useless blob in Kirby that was premoted to playable p2 in Dreamland 3 for some reason)
Ninten; They aren't replacing Ness with a Ness clone
Giygas; That won't work, See Ridley and King Boo.
Imakuni; Hum?

What I get from that is Tom Nook and Lip, maybe Takamaru and Mike Jones, but I think assist is more likely. Then I see K. Rool and Giygas as boss only designation, though King Boo could work too. Not the most ideal, and actually Tingle and Starfy are closer to what I wanted, but. A good roster is allot trickier than it seems. Its what Assist Trophies where created for, too many playable characters people want, some of which just shouldn't.

User Info: koopabros64

7 years ago#38
Why did this suddenly become a roster topic?
The Platypus the reason games like spore exist.

User Info: BladePenguin

7 years ago#39
Im just looking at the button scheme of the current DS.
A - Smash
B -Special
X- Jump
Y - Jump
R- Shield
L - Shield.
D-pad move
Touch screen - ??? Taunt???

I rather they take a risk and add more options.
Say that extra Jump and Shield Buttons and assign new options to them.

3DS will have the analog, so then it's even easier :P
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User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#40
I don't know? I did stages this time. Why is this not a stages topic yet?
I only selected one of the new Smash topic at the time. Too many silly suggestion for rosters. I was only looking for three serious answers, not their dream roster wishes.
Probably end up with items next, if I continue. Not that it matter Nintendo won't listen, even if they do make a Smash 3DS expect more ROB moves.
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