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User Info: grans

7 years ago#31
Well the thing with 4 and 5 is i think the developers got way too ambitious actually. 4 had a lot of different new gameplay elements which were not implemented well at all. I think they tried too many new ideas and ended up shortchanging them all. We had dark chips, a new enemy, soul changes (or whatever they were called), moods in battle, countering, etc. And as a result, dungeons and the story ended up suffering badly. I felt they were generally all rather underwhelmingly designed. Bosses as well, there were only a few true enemy navis. The progression through the game felt really unbalanced. And to top it all off, the story felt disjointed. You had the netbattle tournament going on, darkchip stuff, and then the meteor thing just smacks Lan in the head at only the very last minute. Then the ending is boring too... I don't know what happened.

Some of the same problems with 5, although they ended up only trying only one new gameplay element. Though again, that element ended up stinking (lib missions). To 5's credit though, the story was quite engaging and the dark chips introduced in 4 were handled FAR better this time around. The gameplay at least felt more balanced this time. I just hated beating up the enemy navis in only 4 turns in battle. I always love an epic battle, but imposing such a time limit didn't appeal to me.

Somehow they managed to fix all the issues with 6. I can't think of any issues i have with 6, and i'm glad they went out with a good game.

I wish the OSS port to DS had been better. I could have seen an interesting future with the EXE/Starforce Megaman crossover. Perhaps having Starforce Megaman accidentally creating a paradox in the time stream and the events of the other Battle Networks being drastically altered. Then we'd get to play through an altered set of events and have sort of remakes of them all. Remakes being used loosely as a term here, since the story would be dramatically different.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

7 years ago#32
Ya know, I'd kill to see Splash Woman and Nitro Man get the EXE treatment.
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