What's a 3D TV?

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User Info: kaloo

7 years ago#1
I mean with this system there's been a lot more attention paid to 3D being used in gaming. And with that some people actually took a glance at the 3D that Sony and such have available. But you need an 3DTV for those. I nodded along acceptingly at first but... Haven't we had 3D movies available for home like forever? I mean you get the crappy glasses and you could watch 'em.

User Info: pocchama1996

7 years ago#2
but those are in red/blue with the ridiculously expensive tv and glasses its real d like in the theaters with those darker glasses
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User Info: ASTROID2

7 years ago#3
Yea I can watch spy kids 3D on my NON 3D tv. It used the red and blue glasses. Why cant they do what they did with that movie?
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User Info: MyDogSkip

7 years ago#4
Cause 3D with the old red and blue glasses looks like crap.
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User Info: GamerJM

7 years ago#5
"What's a 3D TV?"

The thing that's sitting right next to the Computer I'm using right now, with "So You Think You Can Dance" currently playing.
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