My redesigned 3ds + dual analog

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User Info: weeedin

7 years ago#1
I just had and idea for redesigning the 3ds and quick mocked one up.

The two main points of it are to:

-add dual analog sticks, taller and better than the slider
-reduce the bezel size

**disclaimer: i did this in paint and have no photoshopping skills. Focus on the idea, not the quality or lack there of**

With a little more alteration the screen could fold down on top of the lower screen, bypassing the sticks.

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User Info: _games_

7 years ago#2
Nice lower screen designed but the top should stay the same.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#3
The top should stay the same in size, but the screen should fill the whole panel like in the TC's picture. So in other words, a big and awesome screen.
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I really don't think dual analog is necessary. Thats just me though.
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User Info: D Nyce

D Nyce
7 years ago#5
Somebody has already beat you to this dude. This mock up was made during E3 and looks a bit better.

Although this wouldn't work. Dual analog just won't work because of the way you'd be holding the system. At least with one analog stick, you can stabilize the system with the opposite hand.

User Info: weeedin

7 years ago#6
you missed the point where I reduced the bezel and added angular analog sticks...

I understand that I am not the first person to think of dual sticks tho...
PSN: weeedin Steam: weeedin
XBL: weeedin

User Info: D Nyce

D Nyce
7 years ago#7
Personally, the reduced size of the top half doesn't appeal to me. It makes the hinge look weaker, and it also leaves the buttons/sticks free to the elements. That's a no go for me.

Also, I have a way different idea when it comes to analog sticks that should be used for a handheld. I don't care for the Nub, or the slide pad, but I also don't think the system should use home console control sticks.

I'm thinking something more in the line of a concave circle that sits almost flesh to the surface of the system. you rest your finger in the circle, and it acts like a control stick. it would have limited range as to how far you can roll it, but you can roll it up down left or right and any direction in between with little or no effort at all. think of a track ball, cut it into a semi circle. then put an indent in the top for the thumb to rest in.

User Info: Bull__Moose

7 years ago#8
I like the placement of the analog nubs since I personally think the 360 has the best controller layout. It just fits perfectly in the hand and would make 3DS more secure when playing with that layout
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User Info: CelesColeVI

7 years ago#9
Second analog stick would make everything so uncomfortable...
The 3DS LAUNCH title looks just as good as the current PSP title. That means 3DS can only get better.

User Info: PChaosWM

7 years ago#10
Dual analogs would only really work if the system itself had a more controller-like grip. That's just my opinion though, but I think that it would get uncomfortable.
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