My redesigned 3ds + dual analog

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User Info: weeman192

7 years ago#11
only problem is the joysticks wont be protected when the 3ds is closed.

User Info: Tezion

7 years ago#12
I imagine there's not enough space for two analog sticks under the surface.

Lefties can only hope for some inverted 3DS version.

User Info: MyDogSkip

7 years ago#13
Um TC, speakers?
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User Info: Yaoiloverfei

7 years ago#14
I never understood the concept of dual analog sticks. I never used two analogs sticks at a time, I only used one, mostly to move my character around in games. What exactly is the point of the having two analog sticks anyway, is designed so if your left-handed or right-handed, your still comfortable?

User Info: GTRagnarok

7 years ago#15

From: MyDogSkip | #013
Um TC, speakers?

I was seeing if someone caught this so I could post it.

On the second picture posted, switching the position of the slider and dpad is a terrible idea.
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User Info: Arrowsedge89

7 years ago#16

That is my personal re-design. Dual analog sticks to just make everyone happy and a bigger top screen to catch all the awesome 3d action on. Meh.. I like what it is now so I don't care.
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User Info: lazycomplife

7 years ago#17
I think it should have one analog stick and 4 C buttons. Left C and Right C would be used for strafing ofcourse.
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User Info: WahahaName

7 years ago#18
Dual analogues are useless for anything but shooters. The 3DS does not need dual analogues. The N64 has one and that never caused me an issue. The Gamecube effectively had one (how much did you really need the C-stick?) and those games were fine too.

User Info: weeedin

7 years ago#19
I updated a tiny bit. I think I still like the idea about the reduced bezel that allows for a taller analog stick. I removed the second stick, I wasn't really crazy about that idea either but just wanted to see what people thought. I also added the speakers to the top screen. I suppose they could be put on the bottom of the 3ds near the hinge as well.
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