You think 3D movies will do well on the 3DS?

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User Info: Teremei

7 years ago#11
Uma, the thing is the resolution for the 3DS 3D movies isn't that high so it won't be anywhere near the size of a Bluray or even a DVD sized file.

No one knows how much space the 3DS will have. But we can pretty much be assured it will be alot more than the DS. They seem to be planning things (like with the tag mode) that leads me to believe there will be a good amount of space in there. Atleast enough to temporarily hold 2-3 movies and a handful of games. Also remember they are adding an SD card slot so they could use that for extra storage. You could essentially use multiple cards to carry your different movies and 3DSvc games on.
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User Info: mhan12345

7 years ago#12
Umds died because companies were basically charging the same price for themas DVDs. If they charged a reasonable price for movies that could only be played on a small handheld device and that often had a tiny fraction of the features of the real DVD, then umds might have had a chance.

I'd say the same would likely be true of movies on the ds2.

User Info: ViewtifulGene

7 years ago#13
If the 3DS can show movies, I'd rather it be done via Netflix. There isn't much point to buying a tiny little cartridge that you can only watch on a tiny screen and will probably only see once or twice.
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User Info: ozfunghi

7 years ago#14
I only see this working at a low price and with online distribution. Files shouldn't be much over 1 gigabyte (filesize isn't doubled because audio stays the same and is a considerable chunk of a moviefile / total video resolution is only 800x240). I myself wouldn't pay over 5 bucks. And even then. You can't compare it to a Bluray purchase for instance.
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User Info: PChaosWM

7 years ago#15
I think they'll sell about as well as movies did on the PSP. People MIGHT buy just one. Some people might buy more but I think in general the won't do great. There just isn't a point when you can buy a movie that works on pretty much anything that has a built in DVD Player. If they make the price for these movies much less (like less than 5 dollars) they would probably sell.
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User Info: BladePenguin

7 years ago#16
Price should be lower than normal blueray dvd's and downloadable, we get sd cards so might as well let it be so you go to sleep DL a movie for later on and whatever.
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